How To Generate Alot Of Buzz In Your Web Traffic Without Paying A Dime

If you have a​ website or​ you promote someone else's' website as​ an​ affiliate, you need to​ drive traffic to​ it.

Without traffic, you won't get visitors. and​ without visitors, you won't make money, sales, get subscribers, etc. What good is​ a​ website without any traffic? and​ if​ the​ site is​ getting traffic, what good is​ it​ if​ it's not targeted traffic?

There are many ways to​ drive traffic to​ your site, both free and​ paid. But we are not going to​ talk about paid traffic right now. That is​ a​ totally different topic and​ could take hours to​ cover.

So, back to​ free traffic. Some ways of​ getting free traffic to​ your site is​ by Search Engine Optimization, surfing for​ traffic, or​ getting it​ passively.

SEO takes time and​ a​ lot of​ work. When you join sites that are surf for​ traffic sites, you have to​ look at​ other members' sites in​ order to​ earn advertising credits for​ your site to​ be displayed when another member is​ surfing.

The only problem with this is​ that although the​ traffic is​ free, it​ is​ not targeted. Everyone who is​ a​ member only surfs for​ the​ credit and​ very rarely even looks at​ the​ site, they just minimize their window on their PC and​ multi-task. So, the​ traffic is​ crap and​ worthless.

Now, let's talk about the​ best way to​ get free targeted traffic. It's called Instant Buzz. Instant Buzz is​ a​ service that gives you advertising credits as​ you surf the​ web like you normally would. What you do is​ download the​ toolbar for​ free, it​ only takes a​ minute. Then, you set up your ads in​ the​ members area. and​ bam, you ads are being displayed on other members' tool bars as​ they surf.

You can also put Instant Buzz ads in​ emails that you send to​ your friends. These are called mail space ads. and​ your ad will get displayed in​ other members' emails. the​ last thing you can do is​ put a​ hyperspace ad on your website which will help you refer other members.

When you refer other members, you will also get a​ percentage of​ the​ credits they earn which will go towards your ad credits.

If someone likes your ad and​ is​ interested in​ what it​ says, then they click on it​ and​ end up on whatever site it​ was that you were promoting. Now that's targeted traffic! and​ it​ was free.

So make sure you visit the​ link in​ the​ resource box to​ start driving targeted and​ quality traffic to​ your website today. it​ will only take you a​ couple of​ minutes to​ start bringing visitors to​ your site.

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