How To Fine Tune Your Organic SEO Techniques

How To Fine Tune Your Organic SEO Techniques

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is​ the​ process of​ optimizing your website or​ page so that you​ will become one of​ the​ top results in​ a​ search engine query. Increased link popularity results in​ higher Search Engine rankings for your chosen search items so this is​ one of​ the​ most effective methods for organic SEO.

The Advantages of​ Organic SEO

Many people look down on​ organic Search Engine Optimization,​ preferring to​ use other techniques (such as​ pay-per-click search engine advertising) that – to​ their minds - result in​ higher page rankings in​ the​ minimum amount of​ time. What they don’t realize is​ that,​ while this technique does result in​ higher page ranks,​ they get smaller profit margins in​ return because of​ the​ ‘cash up front’ that they have to​ forego.

Organic SEO Secret

The ‘secret’ to​ organic SEO is​ in​ its “natural” approach to​ increasing inbound links to​ your website – which means getting visitors to​ your website,​ and enticing them to​ link to​ your page. in​ a​ sense,​ organic SEO is​ a​ two-step process: getting people interested enough in​ your website to​ pay a​ visit; and providing sufficiently interesting content to​ persuade them to​ link to​ your site.

Organic SEO also involves finding the​ right keyword to​ optimize for. if​ you​ are not sure what your key phrases are,​ there are online tools available to​ help you. These tools are useful in​ keyword research which will help you​ refine your organic SEO approach.

Get Indexed

Organic SEO begins with getting indexed by the​ search engines. if​ you​ are not in​ a​ search engine’s index,​ you​ will not be included in​ search engines results pages. Thus,​ you​ have to​ submit your site to​ search engines.

Search engine submission can be done through a​ lot of​ ways. you​ can do it​ through the​ most obvious way; that is,​ by submitting your site URL to​ Google,​ Yahoo and other search engines you​ wish to​ be part of.

Another popular way of​ getting indexed is​ by submitting your site to​ open directories such as​ DMOZ. This particular open directory is​ used by Google,​ so if​ you​ get your site listed there,​ the​ Googlebot will certainly find you.

In line with directory submission,​ links from important sites can get you​ indexed quickly. if​ you​ want fast results,​ buy a​ one-way link from an​ important site (not a​ link farm,​ mind you) so that Googlebot or​ any other search engine spider can follow that link to​ your site and in​ consequence get your site indexed. in​ the​ same way,​ you​ can also try site submission services.

Be an​ Active Netizen

You can also consider taking proactive approaches to​ optimizing your website. Think about getting into offline optimization strategies such as​ participating in​ online forums or​ blogs,​ submitting articles,​ writing press releases and directory submissions,​ all of​ which will give you​ opportunities to​ ‘seed’ links pointing back to​ your website.

One excellent approach is​ to​ start a​ blog or​ two about your key phrase,​ and then link these blogs to​ your website. Make sure,​ however,​ that you​ continually add fresh content to​ both your blogs and your site. There is​ nothing more frustrating for visitors than finding old,​ outdated content. Providing fresh and interesting content on​ a​ regular basis will encourage more people to​ visit your site.

Organic SEO: It’s Best When It’s Natural

Organic Search Engine Optimization’s involves more sweat than cash; as​ such,​ your profit margins are larger than the​ other techniques. More importantly,​ you​ don’t have to​ worry about spamming search engines,​ or​ engage in​ ‘black hat’ strategies that risk your getting banned or​ having your listings dropped. it​ may entail a​ little pain,​ but the​ long term benefits add up to​ a​ major amount of​ gain.

So optimize your website the​ natural way – and watch your page ranking grow. in​ due time,​ you​ will feel the​ satisfaction of​ having a​ top-ranked page.

How To Fine Tune Your Organic SEO Techniques

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