How To Find A Search And Rescue Dog Training School

How To Find A Search And Rescue Dog Training School

There are many things dogs can be trained to​ do but,​ of​ all the​ tasks a​ working dog can perform,​ search and rescue ranks the​ highest for needing qualified,​ professional trainers. a​ Search and Rescue (SAR) dog’s performance,​ quite literally,​ can determine life or​ death to​ a​ human in​ need.

As shocking as​ it​ may sound,​ there is​ no set of​ standards for rescue dog training. Subsequently,​ rescue clubs,​ teams,​ and individuals emerge as​ trainers,​ when,​ in​ fact,​ they may know little,​ or​ nothing at​ all,​ about training a​ SAR dog. Attending seminars and reading books on​ the​ subject are worthwhile endeavors,​ but they do not constitute being a​ SAR dog trainer. Sadly,​ in​ a​ large percentage of​ cases,​ this is​ an​ assumption not only made,​ but followed,​ and replicated. in​ some cases,​ those touting themselves as​ SAR dog trainers scarcely have enough knowledge to​ teach a​ dog simple parlor tricks,​ let alone promptly and accurately scenting or​ tracking skills,​ where a​ human life hangs in​ the​ balance.

Even when the​ topical qualifications are in​ place,​ this is​ no substitute for failing to​ research the​ validity of​ those qualifications. you​ will hear the​ term “qualified instructor” often from those with police/military backgrounds. While this sounds impressive,​ keep in​ mind that there is​ no “qualification” standard to​ begin with,​ so the​ very title is​ misleading. Further,​ there may be a​ very good reason that the​ individual is​ no longer training/handling outside of​ the​ police/military venues. That reason may be a​ desire for work in​ the​ private sector,​ or​ it​ could be indicative of​ poor performance.

Now,​ I’m not trying to​ paint a​ bleak picture; there are a​ number of​ incredible SAR dog trainers out there. All of​ these great instructors hold one thing in​ common: they can bear your scrutiny with flying colors. if​ you’re making the​ huge step towards training your dog for SAR,​ then you​ really need to​ make the​ right choices. Here are the​ top things to​ consider when choosing a​ SAR dog trainer:

1. Experience. There is​ no substitute and there is​ no better gauge of​ a​ trainer’s value. Look for trainers who have years of​ experience in​ a​ wide variety of​ disciplines,​ not just SAR. Demonstrated ability,​ in​ more than a​ single focus,​ means that the​ trainer will be able to​ administer a​ wide variety of​ training methods to​ accomplish the​ end goal. Other potential disciplines to​ look for include: agility,​ obedience,​ hunting,​ or​ herding. This experience is​ easily verified by titles such as: Companion Dog (CD,​ CDX) Agility Dog (AD,​ MACH,​ NATCH),​ Schutzhund (I,​ II,​ II) to​ name a​ few.

2. Actual SAR experience is​ a​ must. SAR dogs perform a​ number of​ tasks that your instructor MUST have real-world experience with. They need to​ be well-versed,​ from first-hand experience,​ on​ how lost or​ fleeing people will act,​ how a​ crime scene needs to​ be preserved in​ cadaver searches resulting from criminal acts,​ etc. 

3. the​ trainer should be well-versed on​ all breeds and capable of​ assessing and advising on​ the​ limitations and capacity of​ that breed.

4. Separate marketing from proven performance. if​ your trainer is​ good,​ you​ can bet he or​ she will have references. Contact those agencies and inquire about the​ specific services the​ trainer was hired for and their thoughts regarding the​ trainer’s services. Just because they have a​ polished web site,​ well-designed brochures,​ etc.,​ does not mean they’re the​ best pick,​ by default. in​ some cases,​ a​ smaller organization may actually yield better references.

The decision for you,​ and your dog,​ to​ become involved in​ SAR is​ a​ big one. Take the​ time to​ do your homework. Your success and enjoyment will not only be richer but it​ may,​ in​ fact,​ save a​ life!

How To Find A Search And Rescue Dog Training School

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