How To Find A Real Estate Agent

How To Find A Real Estate Agent

How To Find a​ Real Estate Agent
It's easy to​ find a​ real estate agent .​
Just put a​ for​ sale sign in​ the​ yard and​ wait for​ the​ phone to​ ring .​
The question is, how do you find a​ GOOD real estate agent? You can start with newspaper.

Pick up the​ Saturday or​ Sunday paper - whichever day they have all the​ homes for​ sale in​ your area .​
You can also collect a​ few real estate guides to​ look through .​
Browse the​ listings to​ find properties similar to​ yours .​
If you are selling a​ cabin, you want to​ look for​ cabins for​ sale .​
If you are selling a​ lakefront mansion, look for​ those.

When you find similar properties, note the​ names and​ numbers of​ the​ agents that are selling them .​
The idea here is​ to​ find a​ real estate agent that has experience with your type of​ property .​
An agent that has all the​ million dollar homes may not be the​ best to​ sell your mobile home, for​ example .​
You want agents that have sold or​ are selling several properties like yours.

What To Ask a​ Real Estate Agent

1 .​
When you call the​ agents - and​ it's best to​ call several - you want to​ verify that they do have experience selling properties like yours .​
Ask for​ examples.

2 .​
Ask what they do to​ market a​ property .​
Any agent can place an​ ad and​ put your home in​ the​ multiple listings .​
Do they have existing leads - people looking for​ properties like yours? Do they let other agents know about your property?

3 .​
Do they show their listings very often? Many agents just list real estate for​ sale and​ let others sell it​ for​ them .​
It's more profitable for​ them, but not for​ you .​
If they are a​ good salesperson, you want them to​ be going through the​ house with potential buyers .​

4 .​
Do they do their own closings? Again, it​ may be better for​ them to​ delegate this part of​ the​ process, but it​ isn't better for​ you .​
You want the​ same person to​ be there through the​ whole process .​
You want one person to​ call .​
Things go wrong all the​ time in​ real estate, so don't complicate it​ further by having more people involved.

Most real estate agents will probably argue these points .​
That's okay, but be aware that there are other things they won't tell you too .​
For example, did you know that open houses are primarily a​ prospecting tool for​ real estate agents? In fact, new agents (not the​ listing agent) are often given the​ job of​ hosting your open house, so they can find buyers to​ work with .​
It isn't expected that they will sell your house in​ the​ process.

Also understand that when you see ads for​ homes for​ sale, and​ they don't have prices, it​ is​ a​ prospecting technique .​
When that buyer looking for​ a​ $100,000 home calls on your $300,000 home, the​ agent isn't going to​ make him able to​ afford your home .​
The whole point was to​ get him to​ call so he could sell him ANY home .​
Meanwhile, other potential buyers for​ your home skipped over the​ ad - there are enough homes WITH prices to​ look at​ (insist that ads for​ your property have the​ price listed).

Trust your intuition when choosing an​ agent .​
If you don't feel comfortable with an​ agent, it's possible potential buyers won't either .​
And ask the​ right questions .​
You don't just want to​ find a​ real estate agent you like .​
You want to​ find the​ right agent for​ your property.

How To Find A Real Estate Agent

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