How To Fight Prostate Cancer

How To Fight Prostate Cancer

Over the​ past few years Prostate Cancer has been targeted by health authorities as​ the​ largest hidden killer of​ men over 45 years of​ age. Although there have been advances in​ education and​ general public awareness, men are still demonstrating reluctance to​ acknowledge the​ need for​ vigilance in​ their everyday lives.

There are a​ number of​ ways that men can reassure themselves however.

Here is​ a​ list of​ facts and​ suggestions collated from a​ number of​ sources that you should know about.

One in​ every 6 men will suffer from prostate problems in​ their lives. So there is​ no need to​ feel isolated or​ a​ victim. Just take action and​ get to​ a​ doctor quickly at​ the​ first sign.
It is​ almost certain that quick action will lead to​ successful recovery. the​ sooner you visit your doctor and​ get referred to​ a​ Urologist the​ better your chances of​ successful treatment.

There is​ hope for​ the​ future. in​ 2002, scientists at​ Liverpool University in​ the​ UK isolated the​ gene that promotes the​ spread of​ prostate cancer. This information is​ still being explored to​ hopefully produce new drugs which will assist treatment of​ Prostate cancer outside of​ the​ normal Chemotherapy regimes currently in​ use.

Dietary habits are the​ common thread in​ most of​ the​ literature about prostate cancer.

• Dairy products should be eliminated and​ replaced by soya. Just a​ couple of​ glasses of​ soy milk a​ day can have dramatic effects.
• Lyocopene contained in​ tomatoes is​ another factor showing up in​ studies as​ an​ effective preventative element of​ a​ prostate cancer fighting diet. Eating one moderately sized tomato a​ day also provides approximately 4 mg of​ lycopene. Other tomato products, such as​ an​ 8-ounce portion of​ tomato juice or​ tomato paste may provide up to​ 25 mg of​ lycopene. See
• Other fruits and​ vegetables are also recommended, such as​ avocadoes, pumpkins, beans and​ carrots and​ green leafy vegetables like spinach.
• Garlic, which seems to​ pop up in​ every preventative healthy diet plan is​ also recommended as​ it​ contains allicin, which decreases the​ proliferation of​ cancer cells.
• Selenium which is​ found in​ garlic, tomatoes, and​ broccoli has also been shown to​ be effective.

Cut back on salt and​ seasonings as​ these have been linked to​ cancer.

Finally, green tea is​ a​ popular choice as​ a​ beverage so drink at​ least 6 cups a​ day.

All in​ all there are plenty of​ reasons to​ be positive about controlling the​ risk of​ contracting prostate Cancer. a​ healthy diet as​ outlined above, coupled with most others advocated by Dietician everywhere, will dramatically reduce your concerns and​ help you lead a​ normal healthy long life.

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