How To Explode Your Mailing List With Key List Building Strategies

How To Explode Your Mailing List With Key List Building Strategies

No matter how good your product is​ or​ how much you have to​ offer, it​ wont be of​ much use unless you have in​ front of​ you a​ ready group of​ people who are already interested in​ your stream of​ business. Whether you are a​ novice in​ the​ internet business or​ a​ pro, one thing you cannot survive without in​ this industry is​ a​ good mailing list.

When I tried my hand at​ internet business a​ couple of​ years ago, my first product was an​ ebook. I tried everything in​ my power to​ make it​ a​ good product. the​ content was comprehensive, the​ banners were theme-related and​ everything, from the​ text to​ the​ tables included was done by me with precision.

The next step came of​ marketing the​ product. I wrote several articles about my subject and​ posted them in​ various article directories, contacted joint-venture partners and​ searched for​ affiliate programs. Even then in​ the​ end, I did not make as​ much profit of​ it​ as​ I could have made.

What went wrong? the​ answer is​ that time I did not have a​ mailing list as​ such with me. I did not have a​ group of​ interested people to​ whom I could introduce my products to​ and​ that’s where the​ importance of​ having a​ good mailing list comes in. Let us run through some basic yet key advantages of​ having a​ mailing list, which every internet business owner swears by.

Your mailing list is​ your instant profit ticket, provided you have developed a​ good relation with them by giving them good targeted information every time. Whenever you want to​ launch your new product, you already have potential customers in​ the​ form of​ your list to​ which you can introduce your product and​ get instant sales.

Also when you regularly write to​ your subscribers, you develop a​ trust in​ them, which is​ very important because only when they trust you will they be willing to​ give you their hard earned money to​ gain valuable information. and​ to​ maintain this trust it​ is​ very important for​ us as​ internet business owners to​ provide our list with genuine and​ useful information. Ask yourself the​ question, would you buy this product? if​ the​ answer is​ yes, then most probably the​ answer will be yes for​ your list too.

Now let us look at​ some good ways of​ building your targeted list.

There is​ a​ concept called ad-swapping. It’s very simple. What you do is​ find other ezine producers who are promoting a​ similar product to​ yours, and​ approach them. You strike a​ deal with them where in​ you put their ezine ad in​ your newsletter and​ they put your ezine ad in​ theirs. That way you both get instant bulk subscribers and​ that too targeted ones. in​ case you don’t have any subscribers to​ start with, you can offer your product to​ an​ ezine publisher in​ return for​ advertising your ezine in​ his newsletter.

One very easy way of​ getting targeted traffic is​ to​ promote your ezine in​ ezine directories. Just submit your ezine in​ one the​ ezine directories with an​ impressive description of​ your ezine.

Another very sure of​ way of​ increasing your list is​ by submitting articles related to​ your product in​ article directories. Remember that it​ is​ not advertising. You need to​ put in​ useful and​ informative extracts about your subject, form it​ into a​ good article and​ post it​ in​ various article directories. Over time many people who are interested in​ the​ subject will read your article, and​ if​ the​ information is​ useful, they will click on your link in​ the​ resource box to​ know more about it​ and​ that’s when you can tell them to​ sign up to​ your newsletter.

You can also create a​ blog about your product and​ place your opt in​ form on it. You might need to​ market your blog first so as​ to​ drive traffic to​ it.

One of​ the​ ways, which has helped me a​ lot in​ gaining a​ good number of​ subscribers, is​ participating in​ a​ Give-Away Event. All it​ is, is​ a​ group of​ internet marketers participate in​ this event. They each offer a​ free gift on a​ website and​ in​ order for​ people to​ get the​ free gift, they need to​ join their email list. It’s a​ very simple way by which you can gain a​ huge amount of​ opt-ins to​ your list. You have to​ keep a​ lookout for​ these events. Sign up to​ some good newsletters, and​ the​ owner will inform you if​ there is​ any give-away event that you can participate in.

These are just a​ few ways in​ which you can steadily increase the​ amount of​ people in​ your list and​ thereby progress in​ the​ number of​ sales you are making.

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