How To Create An Email Listing From Your Blog

How To Create An Email Listing From Your Blog

Email Listing Creation - Possible with Your Blog
Email opt-in lists are very important .​
They provide you a​ legitimate way to​ keep in​ touch with your customers, not to​ mention a​ way to​ ensure that you don’t lose them to​ the competition as​ well.
Subscription Software
Choose the best software that will allow you to​ automate the registration process for would-be subscribers .​
Once you have this up and running, visitors of​ your blog can automatically opt-in to​ your email list even without your physical supervision .​
As the settings for these programs are configurable, it’s up to​ you to​ choose whether approval of​ subscriptions would be automated or​ manual.
Offer and Link
Use an​ attention-catching image or​ decorative text when inviting people to​ join your email list .​
Be sure to​ place it​ in​ a​ prominent area of​ your homepage .​
As for other pages, just choose a​ spot where it’s highly visible and which you could maintain for your entire website .​
As for the link, just keep it​ simple and remember to​ make regular checks in​ order to​ ensure that it’s always in​ good working order.
Call to​ Action
Since building your email list is​ your current goal, it’s best to​ end every blog entry you write with an​ invitation to​ join your email list .​
Your call to​ action for now should offer strong encouragement on joining your email list.
For an​ effective call to​ action, just keep your sentence short but powerful .​
Use action-packed words and if​ possible, try creating a​ sense of​ urgency with your words.
Speaking of​ urgency, one way of​ making people even more aware of​ the need to​ join your email list is​ by offering an​ incentive with it .​
This can be special discounts, membership privileges, or​ free ebooks and the likes .​
Whatever you end up offering, just remember to​ place a​ deadline on your promotion.
With the clock ticking, your blog readers are sure to​ experience just how necessary it​ is​ for them to​ avail of​ your offer.
Besides those incentives you’ve mentioned, there must also be other benefits for a​ customer to​ enjoy once they do sign up for your email list .​
Explain to​ them what you hope to​ accomplish with your email list and how they’ll benefit from it​ at​ the same time.
Signing up with your email list, for instance, will allow them to​ receive regular updates about the latest additions to​ your blog .​
They may also be able to​ receive newsletters containing special members-only data .​
Safety and Confidentiality
Another way to​ encourage people to​ sign up for your email list from your blog is​ by giving them the assurance they need when it​ comes to​ safety and confidentiality .​
Purchase and register for what you need in​ order to​ provide your customers as​ secure platform for the registration process .​
a​ secure platform is​ one that keeps customer data safe from getting hacked .​
As for confidentiality, you should also give your solemn word not to​ share any information they submit with other parties .​
Overall Improvement
Of course, the real clincher is​ your blog itself .​
If you consistently work on providing the best content for your blog, you’re giving them the best reason to​ sign up for your email list .​
If you don’t prove to​ them that there’s something to​ look forward to​ in​ your blog, they will never think there’s any reason for them to​ join your email list.

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