How To Create And Add A Shopping Cart To A Site

How To Create And Add A Shopping Cart To A Site

There are many solutions to​ adding a​ shopping cart to​ an​ online merchant site. You may want a​ very personalized shopping cart for​ your portal and​ so will have to​ hire the​ expert services of​ a​ software programmer.

There are many online merchant solution service providers out there and​ can have your shopping cart software and​ payment gateway set up and​ running in​ a​ matter of​ days, but it​ is​ bound to​ cost you.

Then there are free online merchant solutions available such as​ the​ many online payment services. PayPal is​ one such solution and​ a​ very trusted one.

With the​ free online merchant solutions available you do not have to​ make a​ payment up front. These services charge you a​ percentage of​ the​ payments you receive online.

They have ready made software that is​ easy to​ install on your site. You just have to​ fill in​ an​ online form that requires some details of​ your business and​ payment procedures.

They will then provide you with software code that is​ generated instantly. You have to​ just copy and​ paste this code in​ the​ html code of​ you site.

The online payment processor will guide you how to​ do this as​ well. When you are done, you will be able to​ accept payments from customers through credit cards and​ debit cards. the​ difference with the​ free payment processors and​ customized online merchant software is​ that the​ money will not be deposited into your bank directly.

The payment will go to​ the​ online free payment processors account and​ you will have to​ withdraw it​ from there to​ your bank account for​ which there will invariably be a​ charge.

These are good solutions for​ small online businesses as​ it​ beats paying huge software development costs.

The Benefits of​ an​ Online Merchant Account

The internet has emerged as​ the​ largest marketplace and​ source for​ information. it​ is​ estimated that about a​ million people are being introduced to​ the​ internet every 100 days.

This included emails and​ search engine services. in​ fact, surveys have shown that 80% of​ all online sales begin as​ a​ search on some major search engine.

It is​ possible for​ a​ business establishment to​ advertise, sell and​ collect payments online without ever having to​ meet the​ customer personally.

Technology has advanced with such a​ rapid pace in​ the​ past ten years that electronic payments have become the​ norm of​ the​ day. More than 40% of​ payments are transacted electronically through credit and​ debit cards, apart from the​ usual wire transfers and​ online payment portals.

One of​ the​ emerging payment methods is​ through mobile phones. it​ is​ fast catching on and​ experts in​ the​ field feel that this is​ going to​ be the​ preferred payment method worldwide. Paying through your mobile handset will be as​ easy as​ sending an​ SMS.

With these advancements and​ most businesses adapting their payment procedures and​ policies to​ suit customer’s conveniences, it​ is​ only advisable in​ the​ interest of​ business that any business set up an​ online merchant account with a​ payment processor in​ order to​ cash in​ on the​ business that is​ being transacted on the​ Internet.

There are many online merchant solution providers out there and​ have established themselves in​ the​ field setting up and​ maintaining online merchant software and​ products that fraud, though exists, is​ very difficult to​ perpetuate.

So get yourself an​ online merchant account and​ get a​ piece of​ the​ action that your competitors will otherwise get.

What Are Transaction Processing Solutions?

Transaction processing, as​ the​ name suggests, is​ a​ process of​ carrying through a​ transaction from making a​ payment for​ a​ service or​ product to​ the​ actual delivery of​ the​ same.

Most businesses are carrying out these transactions online with the​ help of​ sophisticated software. This transaction processing software records every step of​ the​ transaction for​ future reference.

A good transaction processing solution will not only record all transactions but will be able to​ tabulate and​ reproduce any or​ all of​ them at​ any given time. This aids in​ rectifying any problem or​ error by recalling a​ particular transaction and​ tracing each step right down to​ the​ point where the​ mistake was made and​ rectifying the​ same.

Online transaction processing is​ a​ very crucial part of​ any online business. it​ is​ an​ electronic ledger of​ all the​ business transactions carried out by the​ online merchant account.

There are many online merchant transaction processing solutions available. a​ merchant may choose to​ get a​ ready-to-use transaction processing software or​ may choose to​ have a​ customized one made for​ his online merchant account. of​ course, there are vast cost implications involved, however there is​ almost no difference in​ the​ security levels of​ the​ two.

It is​ imperative for​ an​ online merchant account to​ have a​ transaction processing solution in​ order to​ transact business online. From accepting an​ order, processing payments and​ getting the​ cash in​ the​ bank, transaction software is​ what will get the​ job done.

Internet Payment Gateways – Should You Make Your Own In-house

An internet payment gateway is​ crucial for​ any online merchant account to​ facilitate selling goods and​ accepting payment for​ the​ same. This is​ known as​ e-commerce.

This process is​ like any sale made in​ a​ physical store, where someone buys a​ product and​ passes his or​ her card to​ the​ check out clerk for​ payment. Only with an​ Internet payment gateway, the​ customer does not have to​ pass his card over but just enter the​ card data into a​ secure online form.

This data will include the​ card number, name of​ the​ holder and​ the​ CVV number on the​ rear of​ the​ card. the​ payment will be debited from the​ card and​ in​ a​ matter of​ days, will be credited to​ the​ merchant’s bank account.

From a​ security aspect, online payment gateways are quite secure, though the​ customer should be certain that he or​ she is​ using a​ reputed site. Look for​ the​ ‘s’ after the​ ‘http’ in​ the​ URL of​ the​ site.

This is​ a​ start but not a​ guarantee to​ prevent the​ site from using your card information for​ illicit purposes. So does it​ make a​ difference if​ you make your own Internet payment gateway in-house? Perhaps yes.

This will give the​ net savvy customer a​ feel that you have taken the​ trouble of​ developing your own secure software instead of​ just getting one off the​ net. it​ will also merge with your site design instead of​ displaying other third party ads and​ logos on your site.

It may cost you a​ little more, but you will be offering your online customers a​ sense of​ security and​ will have full control of​ the​ software. So you will not have to​ wait for​ the​ third party to​ wake up to​ rectify any fault in​ the​ online processing solution they have set up for​ you.

How to​ Open an​ Online Merchant Account

An online merchant account is​ an​ account that is​ known as​ a​ “Payment Gateway”. it​ is​ not a​ very difficult task to​ open an​ online merchant account.

A payment gateway is​ a​ software that your web developer or​ engineer will have to​ incorporate into your web site.

This is​ software that may or​ may not include a​ shopping cart, a​ system that allows visitors to​ your online merchant site to​ browse through your products and​ add them to​ a​ virtual cart, much like a​ shopping cart at​ a​ super mall.

The visitor will ultimately keep or​ remove items from the​ cart and​ pay for​ the​ remaining items through the​ payment gateway.

A payment gateway may or​ may not be linked to​ your merchant bank account. This depends on the​ type of​ online merchant solution you have chosen. You may have had the​ software created especially for​ your site; in​ this case the​ software will naturally accept all credit cards and​ will be linked to​ the​ major credit card processing companies such as​ VISA or​ MasterCard.

The software will also be linked to​ your merchant bank account. Customers can use this software to​ pay for​ services and​ products using credit cards, debit cards and​ bank transfers.

When someone uses a​ card or​ online banking to​ make a​ payment the​ user is​ connected to​ the​ bank that issues the​ card and​ the​ money is​ transferred to​ the​ bank within a​ matter of​ days. Nevertheless, you may go ahead and​ complete the​ transaction by delivering the​ product to​ the​ customer as​ the​ payment will definitely come through.

Online merchant solutions are a​ way of​ taking your business to​ your customers instead of​ waiting for​ them to​ come to​ you. the​ online payment systems are an​ added advantage as​ anyone will like to​ have convenience at​ their fingertips.

How To Create And Add A Shopping Cart To A Site

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