How To Communicate With International Email Friends

How To Communicate With International Email Friends

So you have been penpaling for sometime and want to​ have friends across the globe whose language you do not know. The chances still are they know a​ bit of​ your language, for instance English. a​ ray of​ hope here is​ that you and your penpal got a​ common ground, one language.

Penpaling has been accredited as​ an​ effective method of​ cross-cultural exchange especially for language learning. Your purpose of​ having a​ language penpal could be to​ learn a​ foreign language, improve your foreign language abilities, study foreign culture or​ simply have a​ penpal across the globe.

The essential ingredient to​ all the above motives is​ to​ have foreign language penpal and lots of​ patience. Whatever is​ your purpose, the crucial fact here is​ that you are not dealing with a​ friend who is​ well versed in​ your language and vice versa. So it​ has to​ be a​ mutual effort to​ understand and educate.

The manner in​ which you communicate with your penpal can be decided at​ the very outset, if​ the purpose is​ language exchange. or​ the two of​ you may develop ways to​ write (e-mail) which results in​ workable communication.

Essentially these exchanges can be of​ the following forms. You could both communicate in​ each other’s language in​ an​ alternating manner. or​ you could communicate in​ predominantly one language. or​ the two can communicate in​ the language either is​ learning for the benefit of​ that penpal. You may at​ times also come across a​ situation when a​ native is​ well versed in​ English that then is​ your golden chance to​ pick up that foreign language.

When penpalling with a​ friend of​ different language, start with the basics that is​ try simple conversations. Simple conversations would imply comprehending what is​ being said rather than focusing on grammar or​ seeking cultural information. it​ could simply be saying-“Hello, I am fine how are you? or​ what do you do? or​ what does your day typical look like?”

Since your exchange is​ through e-mails, take your time and formulate short simple mails. May be you could choose to​ focus on one topic of​ discussion say-family, interest, hobbies. This would enable you to​ enhance your vocabulary, local expressions and lingo for that subject. Don’t get disgruntled with the pace and change your pal, remember it​ takes time to​ make friends!

Make efforts to​ teach your pal, encourage new exchanges and questioning. Do not hesitate to​ question an​ exchange you might not have understood. More or​ less the two of​ you are going to​ be at​ the same level of​ the other’s foreign language, so this challenge is​ going to​ be enjoyable.

If the purpose is​ to​ learn the language, involve friends with a​ varied group - different age, profession, backgrounds. is​ a​ penpals’ website where you would find friends from across the world, from different cultures, communicating in​ various language.

Now that language is​ no more your barrier make new friends worldwide.

How To Communicate With International Email Friends

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