How To Choose Your Web Host

How To Choose Your Web Host

1. Use a​ popular web host.

That cheapo one might be an​ uncommitted reseller. I used one recently. Very cheap, and​ very helpful. Then my site went 'missing'. By the​ Grace of​ God I was able to​ get in​ contact with the​ owner, and​ make a​ backup, before the​ service was closed down. I found out later he had only about six customers.

Use a​ popular web host. Avoid ones that are trying to​ attract customers by undercutting rates to​ silly levels. if​ a​ deal seems too good to​ be true, it​ probably is.

2. Their Google PageRank gives a​ clue as​ to​ how popular they are.

This will irk the​ smaller hosts, but if​ your site is​ a​ serious one, put it​ on a​ serious host. Web hosting costs peanuts these days. People can be funny about spending an​ extra $5 a​ month. You'll wish you'd paid $500 when your site goes skew-whiff, and​ you can't get a​ reply from their technical support.

3. Send them an​ email or​ two. See how long it​ takes to​ get a​ reply.

This can be very revealing. if​ they take two days to​ get back to​ a​ potential customer, how long do they take to​ answer their _existing_ customers?

4. Check out their forums; how busy are they? They don't have a​ forum? Next!

They should have enough customers to​ run a​ forum, and​ care enough to​ have one. Reading it​ can give you a​ clue as​ to​ what their support is​ like. Likewise, see when they had the​ last news update on their site. if​ it​ was long ago, they may be moribund.

5. Technical Support.

This is​ as​ important as​ the​ features they supply. It's no good having a​ Virtual Private Server for​ $10.00 a​ month if​ there's no one there to​ answer your emails when the​ hard-disk fails.

6. Features.

Most geeks favour Unix. It's been around longer, and​ is​ more stable. Web hosts offering Unix variants like Linux have always been cheaper. They also seem to​ offer a​ wider range of​ toys. I need SSI (Server Side Includes), SSH (secure Telnet), 10 MySQL databases, Cpanel, PHPMyAdmin and​ a​ UK IP number. and​ you can get this for​ $15 a​ month.

Things like MySQL databases, Cpanel and​ SSH access are real sticking points for​ a​ lot of​ web hosts. if​ they're generous with these, you've found a​ rare jewel.

7. Word of​ Mouth.

Webmasters are always asking about web hosts on webmaster forums. Find a​ few recent threads, and​ note who gets the​ most votes. Search engines, on the​ other hand, have been spammed by some hosts. if​ you do a​ search on 'the best web hosts' or​ 'top 10 web hosts' you'll get puff pages. Recent opinions from professional webmasters are the​ best.

How To Choose Your Web Host

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