How To Choose A Web Designer That Wont Rip You Off

How To Choose A Web Designer That Wont Rip You Off

Choosing a​ web designer for​ your business is​ a​ minefield. the​ industry is​ unregulated, is​ fragmented, has a​ wide variety of​ pricing and​ is​ plagued by "cowboys". So how do you choose?

Prices vary tremendously, so first you need to​ shortlist companies that are clearly reliable and​ reputable. So how do you do this?

Check how long they have been established as​ Web designers as​ the​ industry is​ known for​ it’s “here today, gone tomorrow” operations.

A company that has been around for​ a​ few years is​ much likely to​ be a​ safer bet than the​ one man start up that is​ offering discount prices. Who would you trust more - the​ car dealership there has been established 10 years or​ the​ new one that has just sprouted up last week?

While their website may tell you how long they have been established, this may not necessarily be the​ correct information. of​ course, limited companies will file records at​ Companies House which you can check to​ see how long they had been established. However, a​ far easier and​ quicker option is​ to​ check how long their website domain name has been registered .

You can do this by going to​ and​ typing in​ their Web address into the​ Whois lookup search box. This gives you information on the​ registrant, their address and​ the​ date the​ domain was first registered. While this is​ not entirely foolproof, it​ does give a​ good an​ indication and​ you should be wary of​ any company where a​ domain name is​ only a​ year or​ two old.

Look at​ their track record. They should have a​ good portfolio of​ the​ sites they have built available to​ see via their website, as​ well as​ customer testimonials. Their portfolio is​ a​ good indication of​ their design skill -- if​ you like the​ websites in​ their portfolio, then they are likely to​ satisfy you on the​ design side.

Check the​ company works from an​ office. Web design is​ an​ industry with a​ multitude of​ different operators -- from freelance work at​ home designers to​ large new media agencies. if​ the​ company works from an​ office, it​ is​ more likely to​ be still here next year than the​ guy who just does it​ from home.

Does the​ company have online marketing expertise? Look for​ a​ company that it​ is​ experienced in​ marketing websites online as​ they can give you lot of​ free information to​ help market your website. Not all designers know about online marketing.

While the​ above tips are not exhaustive, I hope they go some way to​ helping you choose a​ good web designer.

How To Choose A Web Designer That Wont Rip You Off

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