How To Choose Used Tanning Beds

How To Choose Used Tanning Beds

Do you want the​ tan from your vacation or​ holiday to​ last all year round? Do you love to​ tan, but can’t fit it​ into your schedule? You may have considered purchasing tan equipment for​ home, but then you saw the​ price. Used tanning beds are a​ good alternative to​ the​ high prices of​ brand new beds, if​ you know what to​ look for. You can get a​ high quality bed at​ the​ price of​ a​ much cheaper bed when you buy used.

There are several things to​ consider before purchasing home tanning equipment. the​ first is​ the​ design of​ the​ machine. You have two basic choices here: horizontal beds or​ tan booths. Many home units are standing units because they require less space. It’s easier to​ fit one of​ these into a​ smaller space.

Lamps in​ Used Tanning Beds

The lamps in​ the​ bed are an​ important consideration. There are basically two kinds of​ beds: conventional and​ high pressure. High pressure beds are generally for​ commercial use and​ are often found in​ salons. the​ lamps are located only in​ the​ top of​ these beds, so you tan on one side and​ then turn over to​ tan the​ other side of​ your body and​ face.

The lamps are called high pressure because the​ pressure of​ the​ gas inside is​ higher than the​ pressure in​ the​ atmosphere. This design results in​ faster tanning and​ less time needed in​ the​ bed to​ maintain your tan. Some high pressure beds require half the​ sessions of​ a​ conventional model. You can have that summer tan all year with less exposure to​ UV radiation.

Lamps in​ conventional beds use either UVA only or​ a​ combination of​ UVA and​ UVB rays. There is​ some controversy over which is​ better. UVB rays are the​ burning rays of​ the​ sun. for​ this reason, some feel UVA only lamps are better. However, UVA rays reach farther into the​ skin and​ are responsible for​ long term skin damage, including skin cancer. It’s important to​ know what kind of​ lamps are in​ your bed, as​ you will need to​ replace them.

Check the​ availability and​ cost of​ replacement lamps. Look at​ the​ lifespan of​ the​ bulbs. Also, look at​ the​ construction of​ the​ beds. How easy will it​ be to​ change the​ bulbs yourself? it​ can get expensive and​ inconvenient if​ you can’t do the​ job on your own. Consider how easy it​ will be to​ perform other maintenance tasks, such as​ cleaning and​ changing the​ acrylics.

Questions to​ Ask About Used Tanning Beds

o How old is​ the​ bed? oWhat year was it​ manufactured?

o Does it​ meet all current FDA regulations? These change often, so make sure the​ bed you are looking at​ meets current safety regulations. This is​ very important for​ your health. the​ regulations are in​ place to​ help prevent skin cancer and​ other long term damage to​ your skin.

o How much was the​ bed used? if​ the​ bed was purchased for​ home use, but has barely been used, it​ is​ probably a​ good deal.

o is​ the​ bed in​ good working order? You want to​ make sure the​ bed is​ working well to​ avoid being stuck with expensive repair bills.

o is​ there any time left on the​ warranty?

o Why are you selling the​ bed?

o Check the​ price to​ see the​ difference between the​ used and​ new bed. the​ greater the​ difference, the​ better the​ deal.

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