How To Choose The Right SEO Company

How To Choose The Right SEO Company

Even if​ you​ are armed with all the​ knowledge of​ SEO,​ you​ might and probably still need the​ services of​ a​ good SEO company. Having a​ good knowledge about SEO is​ hardly enough sometimes. Even if​ you​ are doing your best to​ try to​ get a​ good ranking for your site,​ you​ may still end up wondering why your site is​ just not doing well. For starters,​ you​ should be aware that your site will need to​ be optimized in​ all aspects. Not only that,​ your site needs to​ be maintained in​ a​ regular basis. SEO is​ an​ ongoing process that involves a​ lot of​ time and effort. to​ make things easier,​ you​ will be better off hiring the​ services of​ a​ good SEO company to​ do the​ work for your site.

There are many SEO companies today,​ and there are just as​ many reliable companies as​ unreliable ones. Thus,​ it​ is​ very important that you​ choose the​ right SEO company. Here are a​ few points that you​ should keep in​ mind when selecting SEO services:

Site Analysis Report

Does the​ SEO company provide you​ with a​ website analysis report? a​ reliable SEO company will be able to​ provide you​ with a​ comprehensive analysis of​ your site in​ terms of​ ranking and design to​ give you​ an​ idea of​ how much work needs to​ be done. They should be able to​ inform you​ of​ any elements in​ functionality,​ content and design that may hamper in​ the​ reading and indexing of​ your pages.

Providing Qualified Traffic

Do they understand the​ difference of​ plain traffic and qualified traffic? you​ will hire the​ services of​ an​ SEO company mainly because you​ need to​ attract traffic into your site. However,​ what you​ want is​ qualified traffic that gets customers who may be genuinely interested in​ availing of​ your products and services. you​ do not want unqualified traffic that comes to​ your site because of​ irrelevant keywords. Unqualified traffic only increase your bounce rate (surfers that land on​ your page and leave) and not your sales

Tools in​ Determining Keywords

What tools does the​ SEO company use to​ search for keywords? you​ also need to​ know what methodology the​ SEO company uses for keyword analysis. you​ may also want to​ do your own research on​ usual basic tools and those provided by Google AdWords,​ for example.

Back Link Collection

From where will the​ SEO company get back links from? Back links are just as,​ if​ not more,​ important in​ SEO then onsite optimization. What you​ would like is​ to​ get back links from good sites and sites that are closely related to​ your niche. Ask your SEO company what their methods are for collecting back links.

Cost Structure

A reliable SEO company will only give you​ a​ quotation as​ soon as​ they find out just how much work needs to​ be involved. Charging you​ high prices may not always necessarily ensure you​ high quality of​ services. Make sure that the​ price being quoted is​ proportional and consistent with the​ services that you​ can expect your SEO company to​ provide.

The Timeline

Does your SEO company offer you​ a​ timeline? it​ is​ only through hard work and proper planning that results can be achieved right on​ time. Some companies offer SEO packages that claim to​ put you​ in​ the​ first page search result in​ just a​ matter of​ 10 days. Realistically though,​ no SEO company can possibly guarantee you​ the​ number 1 ranking in​ Google in​ as​ short as​ 10 days. This is​ one of​ the​ basic guidelines actually published by Google. Make sure you​ do not give in​ to​ false promises. Conversely,​ avoid SEO services that will give you​ time limit. a​ good SEO company knows that optimization is​ an​ ongoing process and they will need to​ provide you​ with regular maintenance jobs,​ customer service and proper updating. an​ SEO campaign will take 3-6 months before seing the​ top results you​ expect.

SEO Strategy

What SEO strategy will your SEO company use to​ raise your ranking? you​ should look out for companies which will use spam advertising strategies to​ get you​ on​ top in​ no time. if​ the​ plan involves some form of​ unethical practice such as​ spamming or​ deceiving search engines,​ immediately walk away. a​ good SEO company will make sure that you​ will not be subjected to​ spam or​ deceptive services. Remember that if​ it​ is​ based on​ deceitful tactics,​ your site may simply be pulled out of​ Google's indexing and will lead you​ to​ trouble. Knowing your SEO company and doing your own research are very important in​ choosing the​ right firm.

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