How To Choose A Pot Rack For Your Kitchen

How To Choose A Pot Rack For Your Kitchen

Do you want to​ free up some kitchen cabinet space and have your pots and pans hanging from a​ pot rack within easy reach? And do you want to​ have your cookbooks, cooking oils, and your basil and thyme herbs displayed neatly on a​ wall mounted pot rack as​ well?

Then the stylishly decorative and practical hanging or​ wall mounted pot rack might just be the storage space solution and energy saving kitchen device for you.

Possible origins of​ pot racks

The idea of​ hanging cookery pots in​ the kitchen may have originated from the 17th century practice of​ using an​ arrangement of​ links and hooks or​ trammels to​ suspend, raise or​ lower cooking pots in​ a​ fireplace to​ control cooking temperatures.

Up to​ the 15th century, most wealthy European homes had spacious kitchens with several adjacent anterooms, including whole rooms just for storing pots and pans and other utensils. However, it​ would not be surprising if​ poorer families with less spacious kitchens used pot racks, either in​ the form of​ tripods standing on the kitchen dirt floor or​ hooks hanging from the ceiling or​ wall, to​ store their pots and pans and other utensils.

How to​ choose a​ pot rack for your kitchen

1. The first question to​ ask is​ "Where do I want to​ put my pot rack?". if​ you are going to​ put it​ on top of​ a​ kitchen island, for example, then you will probably need a​ pot rack hanging from the ceiling. if​ you are going to​ put it​ against the kitchen wall, then you may need to​ have the wall-mounted shelf type variety with a​ grid.

2. if​ you are going for a​ hanging pot rack you have to​ know how tall your ceiling is. Most pot racks are designed to​ fit 8 or​ 9-foot ceilings for easy access to​ cooks of​ average height. However, households with shorter cooks or​ taller ceilings need not despair. Most pot rack stores, whether online or​ down the road, carry a​ wide range of​ chains or​ extension hooks to​ solve the situation.

3. The next question is: "Do you want to​ match your pot rack to​ your kitchen's decor?" For example, if​ you are going to​ hang your pot rack in​ a​ modern kitchen above a​ built-in kitchen island with stainless steel countertops, cooktops, ovens and dishwashers, then a​ stainless steel pot rack might be best for you.

However, if​ you are you are going to​ hang your pot rack in​ country cottage style kitchen next to​ oak timber cabinets and coffee black kitchen appliances, then a​ black hammered steel pot rack might be a​ good match.

4. And equally important is​ "How do you want the pot rack to​ look?" if​ you want a​ more modern look, then the clean lines of​ glistening stainless steel may be your best bet. if​ you are going for the antique look, then the decorative swirls of​ brassy copper may do the job.

5. What type of​ material do you want your pot rack to​ be made of? Do you want the country elegance of​ oak or​ natural cherry? The practicality and durability of​ painted or​ powder coated hammered steel? or​ the sleekness and strength of​ stainless steel?

6. What size and shape do you want your pot rack to​ be - rectangular, round, oval or​ square? This may be dictated by the number of​ pots, pans and other cooking utensils that you want to​ fit in​ as​ well as​ the kitchen space that you have available.

7. Do you need additional light? if​ the pot rack is​ above a​ cooking and food preparation area, then you may need pot racks that come with downlights to​ illluminate as​ well as​ add ambience to​ your working space.

8. And last but not least, how much do you want to​ spend for your pot rack? a​ quick comparative shopping on the internet will reveal that sales abound and that:

- For a​ budget of​ $50 you can get a​ lovely powder-coated wall-mounted pot rack in​ bookshelf style to​ put your pots and pans as​ well as​ your favorite plant and recipe book side by side.

- a​ budget of​ $150 can get you a​ hanging stainless steel oval kitchen pot rack with grid.

- For $359.97 you can get a​ modern styled Oneida lighted pot rack with center grid and two downlights.

- And if​ you have $2000 to​ spare you can get a​ pot rack used by professional chefs in​ high tech stainless steel and with two rack levels that provide more storage and hanging space.

But if​ you are someone who does not own a​ lot of​ pots, loves the hunt and a​ good bargain and have $4.95, you can go to​ Ebay and get a​ pre-loved black wrought iron pot rack that attaches to​ the wall and holds 5 pots. That's a​ start.

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