How To Choose A Home Security Camera

How To Choose A Home Security Camera

Surveillance cameras are being used every where these days, all the​ malls and​ almost all stores and​ small shops have installed surveillance cams to​ stop thefts and​ burglaries. You must have probably heard of​ the​ net of​ cams in​ the​ Las Vegas casinos, yes without cameras the​ surveillance staff won’t be 1/10th as​ effective.

Taking the​ cue from the​ commercial segment many companies introduced home security camera a​ few years back, but, back then only the​ rich could afford the​ expensive home security camera systems. However, nowadays with development of​ technology, as​ home security camera is​ getting cheaper more and​ more people are able to​ afford them. Yes, today even a​ $30 cam can be turned into a​ home security camera, it’s no more a​ rich only option.

When selecting a​ home security camera, make sure it​ can take clear pictures in​ the​ radius you want to​ set it​ up. Systems like analogue closed circuit television may run cheap but it’s not worth the​ money. it​ saves recorded coverage to​ tapes which are not only expensive in​ the​ long run but will also take up a​ lot of​ space.

With the​ advent of​ internet and​ like I said earlier, development of​ technology, we have cheap yet good quality home security camera available that send live feeds to​ the​ internet and​ save coverage at​ a​ secured location. You can either watch the​ feds live or​ browse through the​ saved data at​ any point of​ time. Install two-three home security camera in​ a​ room depending on how big the​ room is​ and​ you can watch what is​ going on in​ your house from 5 miles or​ 5,000 miles away.

For those on a​ very tight budget, there are the​ fake home security camera which are very much like the​ original ones and​ some even swivel on their axis like the​ original ones but this strategy is​ only effective in​ preventing the​ crime rather than catching the​ crime.

However, if​ you aren’t on a​ budget you should go for​ tiny cams which can be hidden behind or​ within objects and​ are hard to​ find. These cams when combined with the​ right software can give you the​ perfect home security camera system. On the​ other hand if​ you want to​ make it​ clear to​ the​ burglars that your house is​ not a​ good choice, install a​ large cam, a​ must do for​ people installing fake cameras, at​ a​ location where it​ can easily be seen.

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