How To Choose A Good Web Host

How To Choose A Good Web Host

You will be overwhelmed when you begin searching for​ a​ website host for​ you new website and​ if​ you do not understand what they are offering for​ the​ price you may be surprised at​ what you get.

You will hear words like 25 MB, bandwidth, ftp, email forwarding, php, cgi-bin and​ fantastico. All of​ these are things that are offered with different packages that you will find. Before you decide let’s look at​ what you might need and​ how to​ know that you are receiving this.

Most website hosting companies will have their packages grouped by the​ various things they offer, of​ course the​ more you get the​ larger the​ price will be. the​ basic package is​ usually around 25 MB of​ web space. This is​ how much space the​ hosting company will allow you to​ have on their web server. This is​ with shared hosting. There will be other websites also on this server with you, each with their own packages and​ amounts of​ space.

Bandwidth is​ how much data you are allowed to​ use in​ a​ certain amount of​ time, usually monthly. Bandwidth is​ used each time you upload web pages, images, or​ some one visits your website. if​ you are only allowed a​ small amount of​ bandwidth like say 50 MB then you may run out of​ bandwidth if​ you plan on adding a​ lot of​ pages, or​ you are expecting many visitors.

Ftp is​ a​ way of​ getting into your website through the​ backdoor. This will enable you to​ upload your web pages, images and​ install scripts in​ a​ pretty easy fashion. All you need to​ do is​ place the​ folders in​ the​ proper place in​ the​ correct folder.

Email forwarding can be very useful. You can have any email that is​ sent to​ your website forwarded to​ another email account that you have. This way no matter how many websites you have you have all the​ emails forwarded to​ one main account.

Php is​ a​ way in​ which website are coded. This is​ used for​ building scripts and​ even some template designs. Php is​ very popular for​ its fast loading time. Some php scripts will also require MySql database. This is​ another feature that you can add. These databases are very fast loading and​ do not require any maintenance after they are up.

Cgi-bin is​ another way to​ host different scripts. if​ you wish to​ use cgi scripts you must be sure that you have a​ cgi-bin included in​ your hosting package. These are some what more difficult than php scripts but many people enjoy these types of​ scripts.

Fantastico is​ a​ compilation of​ several scripts that can be installed directly from your control panel.

You can search online for​ hosting companies and​ remember to​ compare. if​ you are just wanting a​ simple website you will probably not need all the​ extra goodies and​ normally no more than 25 MB of​ web space and​ around 500 MB of​ bandwidth should work. You may even wish to​ try some free hosting until you understand how everything works. But, remember more than likely you will be offered a​ sub-domain like This is​ not the​ best way to​ get web traffic, so I would only use a​ free hosting company that would allow your own domain name and​ check out paid hosting as​ well. Many of​ these paid hosting companies can give you so much more than a​ free hosted site and​ the​ cost is​ not always tremendous.

How To Choose A Good Web Host

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