How To Choose A Free Web Hosting In Greece

How To Choose A Free Web Hosting In Greece

There are some things you should check out when you are up to​ choose a​ web host. You should look into the​ criteria between choosing a​ free web host that will deal up to​ your web hosting solution.

If you tend to​ choose a​ free web host you should check the​ next six important things:

1. Usually free web hosting do not give enough space for​ your web site. if​ some time you wish to​ expand your web site then you should check if​ you can do such an​ expansion (if you have this possibility).

2. Most free web hosts post advertisements on your web site. This is​ done in​ order to​ cover the​ costs of​ providing you the​ free web space and​ the​ additional services. Moreover, some hosts require from you to​ place a​ banner on your pages, pop up windows or​ advertising frames on your site (the last one causes problems when you want to​ submit your web site to​ search engines).

3. Whether you need sound files, video clips, etc it​ is​ very important to​ know the​ maximum size of​ each of​ the​ files you want to​ upload. Also, many sites restrict the​ file types you can upload.

4. If someone finds your site on a​ search engine, and​ he tries to​ access it​ but he cannot find it​ because it​ is​ down, he will surely ignore it​ and​ will try to​ find an​ another site from that list. This is​ definitely something that you do not want. Also, slow access is​ very disappointing for​ visitors and​ for​ you as​ well.

5. Nowadays, many free web hosts set a​ limit on the​ amount of​ traffic which your web site can use per day or​ per month. This means that if​ the​ pages and​ images on your site is​ very loaded by visitors beyond a​ certain number of​ times per day or​ per month, then the​ web host will possibly deactivate your web site or​ potentially just send you a​ bill for​ the​ extra needed space for​ that time. it​ is​ not easy to​ set a​ specific minimum limit of​ bandwidth, since it​ depends on how your site is​ designed and​ the​ number of​ visitors that you can attract to​ your web site. in​ general, 1 to​ 3GB traffic per month is​ usually enough for​ the​ needs of​ a​ simple site.

6. Some free hosting providers allow you to​ design your web pages with their online builder. This is​ useful for​ if​ you are a​ beginner. But do you have the​ option to​ expand your pages later when you become experienced and​ their online page builder does not have the​ facility you have in​ need? FTP access or​ generally the​ ability to​ upload your pages at​ any time by any way is​ the​ most of​ the​ times considerable.

The above issues are of​ a​ great importance if​ you consider to​ have a​ respectable web site. Watch out these six highlights and​ you will have not any important problems for​ you web site to​ a​ free web host.

How To Choose A Free Web Hosting In Greece

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