How To Choose A Dog Trainer

How To Choose A Dog Trainer

With so many dog trainers out there,​ it​ can be hard trying to​ choose the​ best one for your dog. Trying to​ determine which dog trainer is​ the​ best qualified to​ train your dog can be a​ difficult task.

The American Dog Trainers Network recommends the​ following criteria for choosing a​ dog trainer for your dog:

Reputation: Recommendations from your vet,​ other reputable trainers,​ friends that have had their dogs trained,​ etc. can help a​ lot in​ deciding which trainer to​ go with.

Experience: you​ should look into each potential trainer's background before deciding on​ your dog's trainer. Years of​ experience and areas of​ expertise are just a​ couple of​ things to​ look for. a​ good,​ professional dog trainer won't hesitate to​ answer your questions,​ so be prepared to​ ask a​ lot of​ them. Afterall,​ your dog is​ part of​ your family.

Training methodology: Reputable dog trainers care about every dog's welfare. They will know that harsh or​ abusive handling methods are counter-productive and not good for the​ dog in​ general.

Love for dogs: the​ best dog trainers have a​ general love for dogs,​ or​ they wouldn't and shouldn't be involved in​ that line of​ work. You'll know a​ great trainer by his or​ her joy of​ living and working with dogs.

Extensive behavioral knowledge: Dedicated trainers keep up-to-date on​ all of​ the​ latest training methods by attending dog training and animal behavioral courses,​ conferences,​ seminars,​ workshops,​ etc. whenever possible. Make sure you​ inquire about any recent educational courses that the​ trainer has attended.

Teaching and communication skills: Dog trainers that have good teaching and communication skills make the​ learning process easier,​ quicker and more enjoyable for the​ dogs.

Affiliation with reputable organizations: you​ can always tell a​ good dog trainer by the​ organizations,​ associations and clubs that he or​ she is​ affiliated with.

Ethics or​ profit?: you​ should find out what motivates a​ potential dog trainer. is​ he or​ she in​ it​ strictly for the​ money,​ or​ for their love of​ dogs?

Unless a​ dog trainer comes recommended by one or​ more reputable source,​ it​ really is​ a​ case of​ buyer beware. Anyone can call themselves a​ dog trainer. Do your homework when choosing a​ dog trainer for your dog. Your dog is​ part of​ your family,​ so you​ should put as​ much effort into choosing a​ trainer as​ you​ would in​ choosing your dentist. the​ wrong kind of​ training could damage your dog for life.

How To Choose A Dog Trainer

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