How To Choose Bowling Equipment

How To Choose Bowling Equipment

When bowling, one must use the​ proper equipment to​ achieve the​ best results. it​ is​ a​ fun game, but having the​ right equipment is​ not about taking the​ fun out of​ bowling, it​ is​ to​ ensure that one plays with comfort and​ avoids injuries when playing.

Here are some tips on how to​ properly choose bowling equipment:

Bowling Ball

Bowling balls are the​ heart of​ the​ game of​ bowling. Bowling balls can make one's game or​ break his arms. Make sure that you use the​ proper bowling balls while playing.

-A bowler must make sure that he is​ using the​ right kind of​ ball. Right-handed players should use balls which are made for​ the​ right-handed and​ left-handed players should use balls for​ the​ lefties. There's a​ slight difference in​ the​ distances of​ the​ finger holes between the​ two balls.

-As a​ general rule, people can use balls which weight up to​ 10% of​ their total body weight. a​ kid who weighs 70 pounds can use a​ 7 pound ball, anything above that should be replaced by a​ lighter ball. -One must also assess his level of​ playing. There are different kinds of​ balls for​ different kinds of​ players. There's the​ beginner line, the​ intermediate and​ professional line. Balls for​ the​ beginners are usually easier to​ handle, the​ intermediate ones have more power and​ the​ balls for​ the​ professionals are made for​ high performance and​ are usually the​ most expensive ones.

Wrist support

A bowler may choose to​ use a​ wrist support when bowling. This equipment trains the​ wrist to​ bowl with the​ proper form. Using this regularly will improve one's game. the​ wrist support should fit perfectly and​ the​ proper size to​ hug the​ wrist. One must not feel any discomfort or​ pain when using wrist supports.


Having the​ right kind of​ shoes in​ bowling is​ an​ advantage. Shoes which are rented in​ bowling alleys can distract a​ player because of​ their improper size. Some rented shoes are itchy and​ this can further distract the​ player.

There is​ other equipment that is​ available for​ bowling fanatics:

-Bowling pins -Bowling gloves -Bowling bags

One must remember that having the​ right equipment is​ not the​ key to​ true success in​ bowling. Yes, they are tools which can make someone's game better, but bowling requires passion and​ dedication and​ one must be able to​ enjoy the​ game to​ be successful in​ it.

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