How To Choose The Best Tanning Bed Lotions

How To Choose The Best Tanning Bed Lotions

Despite warnings about the​ risks, people continue to​ flock to​ tanning beds. Tanning bed lotions are a​ necessary accessory, whether you are a​ regular tanner or​ just trying to​ get a​ good base tan before the​ summer holiday season or​ for​ a​ vacation. Lotions come in​ a​ variety of​ formulas for​ every skin type. Cooling lotions help keep the​ skin cool in​ the​ bed. After tan lotions extend your tan and​ can help shorten the​ time you need to​ spend in​ a​ bed to​ maintain your tan.
Benefits of​ Using Tanning Bed Lotions
Lotions help regulate the​ amount of​ UVA and​ UVB rays that are absorbed into your skin. Your skin absorbs more rays in​ less time. This allows you to​ limit your exposure to​ the​ rays and​ still get the​ tan you want. Moisturizing lotions add moisture to​ your skin. This helps prevent some of​ the​ drying effects of​ beds. Since moisturized skin tans faster, you will achieve your desired color faster and​ your tan will last longer.

You should use the​ best lotion that you can afford in​ the​ bed. the​ type of​ tanning bed you are using and​ your skin type help determine which lotion is​ best. Light, medium or​ dark skin tones require different lotions. Using a​ lotion intended for​ experienced tanners on fair skin can be disastrous. the​ salon owner can help you choose the​ right lotion for​ your skin type.

Products for​ indoor tanning come in​ lotion, crème, gel or​ oil forms. as​ long as​ the​ product is​ right for​ your skin type and​ the​ bed you will be using, the​ rest is​ a​ matter of​ preference. the​ preparation isn’t as​ important as​ the​ ingredients, so learn to​ read the​ labels.
Ingredients in​ Tanning Bed Lotions
The best products contain natural ingredients to​ stimulate your tan and​ nourish your skin. Look for​ as​ many natural botanicals, plant extracts and​ vitamins as​ possible. Each has a​ different purpose.
Amino Acids
Just about all lotion or​ crème products contain amino acids. They stimulate the​ production of​ melanin in​ your skin. the​ action of​ the​ amino acids produces the​ tanning effects. the​ most commonly used amino acid is​ tyrosine.
The moisturizers in​ lotions help reduce the​ drying effect the​ UVB rays in​ the​ bed have on your skin. Look for​ rich, natural moisturizers, like aloe or​ hempseed oil. These are in​ both suntan lotions and​ after tan formulas.
Antioxidants help prevent the​ fine lines and​ wrinkles that result from UV exposure during tanning. Vitamin E and​ grapefruit extract are common antioxidants found in​ lotions.
A Safer Alternative to​ Tanning
People are becoming concerned with the​ safety of​ tanning, either in​ a​ bed or​ in​ the​ sunshine. UV exposure during tanning has been linked to​ skin cancer and​ premature aging of​ the​ skin. the​ only safe alternative to​ getting the​ color you want is​ a​ fake tan. There are pills that are said to​ give you a​ tan, but there is​ controversy over their effectiveness. the​ best way to​ get a​ completely safe tan is​ a​ sunless tanning spray ( ).

You can apply a​ sunless tanner at​ home, or​ you could go to​ a​ spa or​ salon for​ spray on tanning. in​ the​ salon, you stand inside the​ booth and​ the​ tanner is​ applied with either spray nozzles built into the​ booth or​ with a​ hand held airbrush unit by a​ technician. Mystic Tan and​ Sunshower are common brands for​ booth tanning.

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