How To Bypass Websense

How To Bypass Websense

Websense is​ a​ software application that is​ designed to​ prevent access to​ web sites with material that is​ deemed inappropriate or​ in​ some manner not related to​ the​ purposes of​ the​ owner of​ the​ computer system or​ network. Businesses often make use of​ Websense or​ a​ similar product in​ order to​ prevent employees from wasting company time viewing web sites that are not related to​ the​ work tasks.

Of course, the​ blocking of​ some web sites can also slow down the​ efficiency of​ an​ employee as​ well. Because Websense functions in​ part by checking for​ banned keywords, it​ is​ possible to​ block a​ site that in​ fact would be of​ use in​ carrying out a​ job related task. When this is​ the​ case, there are a​ couple of​ alternatives.

Use a​ Web Proxy

Perhaps the​ quickest way to​ circumvent the​ use of​ Websense is​ by making use of​ a​ proxy site to​ conduct searches and​ browsing activity. Essentially, Websense is​ reading the​ proxy site info and​ not the​ information of​ the​ web site you are actually browsing. This approach will not take much more time than going through your usual broswer, and​ will save you a​ lot of​ frustration. There are several excellent web proxy sites that you can use.

Essentially, what allows a​ proxy site to​ circumvent Websense is​ the​ way that the​ site looks up web pages. By conducting what is​ called an​ HTTPS search, the​ proxy site is​ accessing through a​ secure server. Websense does not tend to​ block secure sites.

Try HTTP Tunneling

Another way to​ get around Websense is​ to​ simply tunnel through the​ program. There are several software packages on the​ market today that will do just that. a​ number of​ these program will also help you wipe the​ history of​ your activities, if​ that is​ something you desire. This feature essentially allows you to​ spoof your own Internet browsing activity, that is​ make it​ appear you were doing something other than what you were doing. Many of​ these tunneling software programs can be purchased and​ downloaded with ease, and​ can appear to​ be completely innocuous. the​ purchase price is​ reasonable in​ most cases, and​ will help keep things around the​ office a​ little more sedate.

How To Bypass Websense

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