How To Buy Maine Lobster Wholesale For A Restaurant Or Party

How To Buy Maine Lobster Wholesale For A Restaurant Or Party

How To Buy Maine Lobster Wholesale for​ a​ Restaurant or​ Party
If you own a​ restaurant or​ are having a​ large family get together, serving lobsters for​ dinner isn’t as​ expensive as​ you think .​
While a​ fancy restaurant might charge 30-40 dollars a​ plate, you can order live Maine lobster for​ as​ little at​ 6 or​ 7 dollars a​ pound!
The first step is​ finding a​ distributor .​
the​ Maine lobster industry is​ regulated by the​ state and​ remains for​ the​ most part family owned and​ operated .​
This is​ a​ good thing! While most large corporate distributors wouldn’t waste their time dealing with a​ small order, a​ family run lobster pound will most likely bend over backwards to​ obtain your business .​

You can easily find a​ good lobster distributor using a​ search engine such as​ Yahoo or​ Google .​
I​ would use keywords such as​ wholesale lobster or​ wholesale live lobster .​
This will return a​ myriad of​ results, some better than others .​
Look for​ a​ lobster distributor who welcomes small orders .​
Many places will have a​ page devoted to​ wholesale inquires .​
Just submit an​ email and​ leave your name and​ number, along with how much lobster you want to​ order .​
Someone should return you email and​ give you price quote .​

When you get the​ price quote, make sure it​ is​ broken down by pounds of​ lobster and​ shipping cost .​
Shipping can be rather expensive, so don’t be shocked if​ it​ is​ several hundred dollars .​

Most distributors give two options for​ shipping .​
FedEx/UPS or​ Air Freight .​
FedEx/UPS is​ great because it​ is​ delivered right to​ your front door even on the​ weekend .​
This convenience comes at​ a​ cost, shipping 100 pounds overnight through FedEx will cost you over 200 dollars .​
FedEx should be used when your total weight is​ low, or​ you are unable to​ use air freight.
The second option, Air Freight, is​ much less expensive, but also less convenient .​
the​ lobster distributor will pack up your lobster and​ drive them to​ a​ local airport .​
the​ lobsters will be placed on an​ airplane and​ flown to​ an​ airport close to​ you .​
Most often you will be required to​ pick up the​ lobsters at​ the​ airport .​
Air freight will cost you between 50 and​ 75 cents per pound .​
So to​ ship 100 pounds may only cost 50-75 dollars, much less then if​ you used FedEx or​ UPS .​

Your lobsters will arrive in​ a​ large box packed with ice packs and​ special pads to​ old in​ ocean water .​
Lobster should be placed in​ refrigeration with the​ box open to​ the​ air .​
You should plan to​ have your lobster delivered on the​ day you wish to​ serve them.

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