How To Buy Digital Cameras Cheap And At A Large Discount

How To Buy Digital Cameras Cheap And At A Large Discount

There is​ a​ nice fluid market for​ both new and​ after market digital cameras on eBay. Digital Camera usage has grown enormously over the​ past few years. Technology has reduced the​ old film and​ developing almost to​ the​ archives. Quality cameras ranging in​ price from well under $500 to​ over $2000 are available. Professionals, amateur hobbyists and​ regular households all seem to​ be acquiring cameras, often more than one per household. the​ question becomes how can I acquire a​ digital camera at​ the​ best possible price?

With a​ large volume of​ most models being traded everyday, this is​ the​ ideal efficient market. One can study the​ dynamics of​ this micro-market and​ determine some useful buying rules. With a​ little more information than the​ rest of​ the​ marketplace, one can almost certainly make some intelligent buying opportunities. This article focuses on how to​ identify these gaps and​ often purchase digital camera's for​ 20-40% below retail.

This article should be read together with my longer piece and​ a​ web site, which produces the​ information required to​ identify buying nuggets. Find the​ links and​ URL's to​ these two sites at​ the​ bottom of​ this article. the​ niche site focuses specifically and​ only on data from the​ digital camera market.

Most information on eBay focuses on the​ selling element, i.e. how to​ sell your stuff. I have tended to​ specialize on the​ buying end and​ trying to​ identify market opportunities and​ price in-efficiencies to​ really capture excellent deals. to​ do this we need to​ understand the​ dynamics of​ the​ eBay market place. Like any other market it​ is​ supply demand driven, and​ like a​ large flee-market if​ a​ buyer has knowledge of​ how many items are for​ sale at​ what prices and​ how many other buyers are in​ the​ market, then that buyer can capture the​ upper hand. Lets focus a​ little more on supply.

The eBay supply dynamic is​ a​ little different in​ that supply of​ an​ item must be seen at​ a​ point in​ time. in​ other words, because auctions end at​ different times, one needs to​ grasp the​ number of​ auctions ending in​ close proximity for​ the​ same item. This gives you a​ feel for​ the​ supply of​ items or​ in​ our case cameras. What makes this interesting is​ that today there could be a​ large amount of​ auctions ending for​ a​ particular model, but next week there could be very few. This is​ one element driving the​ price.

The demand side is​ slightly more complex and​ hidden from the​ average eBay buyer. This is​ where that the​ web site I refer to​ at​ the​ bottom has some useful data. Demand in​ eBay terms is​ measured (by sellers) as​ a​ number of​ factors - how many people view my auction, how many people ask questions, how many people place me on their watch page, and​ how many people actually bid. Obviously as​ we progress down this list the​ data become more reliable as​ an​ indication of​ demand. Page views are not easy to​ obtain, although some sellers place a​ publicly viewable counter on their auction pages. Questions and​ watchers are available to​ sellers, and​ the​ special web site mentioned below will expose this information. Number of​ bids is​ available for​ all to​ see.

Now if​ we happened to​ produce a​ graph as​ the​ auction progresses of​ the​ changes in​ the​ number of​ questions, watchers and​ bid's one can easily see how the​ demand is​ changing as​ time progresses. Typically if​ questions are high and​ watchers are high, but bids are low, this may indicate some confusion and​ a​ possible buy opportunity. if​ watchers are very high and​ climbing, but bids are low, this can point to​ a​ last minute bidding war, and​ a​ stay out indicator.

Armed with this information and​ also a​ quick summary of​ other similar auctions ending soon, plus a​ quick feel for​ the​ skill set of​ the​ seller and​ the​ current highest bidder, once can see a​ picture very different from the​ average eBay buyer. Soon the​ trained eye will observe some nice buying opportunities. for​ the​ professional or​ amateur photographer this will soon bring in​ a​ number of​ digital camera buys that are quite a​ bit cheaper that retail. for​ example it​ is​ quite possible to​ find gems at​ 20-40% of​ retail prices. Lets face it, most digital camera's perform perfectly years after acquisition. Digital electronics seldom degrade over time, so the​ aftermarket such as​ eBay is​ the​ idea place to​ buy camera's cheaply.

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