How To Buy Car From Auction Online

Car Auctions are an​ easy way of​ getting cars that have been salvaged, repossessed, or​ bargain used cars. Car auction allows car dealers to​

compete against each other for​ the​ lowest car price. Car Auctions have been around for​ years and​ dealers get a​ lot of​ stock from auctions.

Upon car auction completion buyer and​ seller may contact each if​ they still want to​ proceed with the​ car purchase/sale.

Car-Auction has a​ database full of​ thousands of​

different repo and​ government cars just waiting for​ you to​ bid on. it​ is​ a​ unique website that searches through different government

auctions where you can bid on repossessed or​ seized cars.

Repossessed vehicles can feasibly sell for​ less because the​ financial institution disposing of​ them only seeks to​ offset its losses (also

restricted by federal regulations).

How to​ bid?

Bid with your brain, not your heart. Bidding and​ purchasing directly from the​ authorized car dealer auction means reasonable prices, a​

large variety of​ quality cars to​ choose from, and​ a​ reliable car condition grading system. Bids on new and​ used repossessed and​ fleet

vehicles start as​ low as​ $100. By buying direct from a​ Government auction, it​ is​ often possible to​ buy jeeps for​ as​ low as​ $62.


buying your new car fun by purchasing through government & surplus auctions. Bids must be received by auction end date and​ time. Bids can

be brought into credit union, dropped in​ drop box, or​ mailed to​ the​ credit union You must Download Bid Form.

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