How To Build Your Network Via The Classifieds Without Losing Your Pants

How To Build Your Network Via The Classifieds Without Losing Your Pants

Generally everyone who discusses the​ qualities of​ an​ affiliate marketing network likely focuses on the​ pay-per-click versus pay-for-performance aspects of​ this advertising tool, and​ rightfully so! Online these two programs alone have revealed themselves to​ be the​ work horses of​ a​ successful and​ diversified affiliate marketing network while at​ the​ same time not challenging an​ undue strain on a​ company’s promotions budget. Thus, start up companies in​ general and​ home based small business entrepreneurs in​ particular settle to​ this form of​ self-promotion like bugs to​ a​ strong light source in​ the​ dark of​ night. Yet just like the​ bugs, many of​ the​ smaller businesses get burned not because the​ product was ineffective or​ the​ presentation less than professional but instead because the​ attention simply could not be generated by the​ participants in​ the​ affiliate marketing network who chose to​ sign up.

In general, those signing up to​ post links and​ banners or​ search boxes onto their sites are looking for​ the​ heavy hitters which will lend integrity to​ the​ webmaster and​ her or​ his site, while smaller merchants are usually avoided because they simply do not present that air of​ mainstream approval to​ a​ site. in​ the​ same vein, many of​ the​ webmaster who do sign up for​ the​ smaller business affiliate marketing network will most likely be startups themselves, thus in​ a​ way countermanding the​ business’ efforts of​ reaching a​ large number of​ potential customers. Even though the​ cash spent on this kind of​ advertising is​ low, it​ hardly merits the​ results that are being yielded.

Interestingly, a​ new trend is​ developing which is​ finding great recognition with smaller businesses and​ which is​ proving to​ be a​ gold mine to​ such an​ extent that it​ threatens to​ leave the​ tried and​ true pay-per-click or​ pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network in​ the​ dust for​ home based entrepreneurs: classified ads. Building an​ affiliate marketing network via the​ classifieds may sound odd but the​ more careful consideration you pay to​ this trend, the​ more sense it​ makes.

With a​ few terms you have the​ chance to​ advertise your network and​ produce a​ far-reaching interest in​ the​ business. Although not each and​ every online or​ print publication will authorize you to​ post your ads, in​ general you will find that you can start getting out the​ word about your network by posting in​ a​ few free, online publications. Explore the​ high traffic sites and​ post your ads in​ agreement with their submission guidelines – a​ much overlooked fact that may get your ad buried if​ not carefully observed! Use strong marketing words that require a​ response by the​ reader, such as​ “clicking” or​ “visiting” and​ rely on heavy hitters like “proven” or​ “guaranteed” – only if​ you can back up the​ claims, of​ course. Add a​ considerable and​ real benefit to​ the​ action, and​ the​ odds are good that you will have a​ visitor for​ your site. Turning the​ visitor into a​ qualified lead, of​ course, is​ up to​ the​ quality of​ your site and​ actual network.

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