How To Boost Your Web Traffic And Pr For Free

Scouring the​ web you are sure to​ find thousands of​ web sites and​ products that claim to​ be able to​ make you web site into a​ miracle success. Build it​ once, walk away, and​ reap the​ benefits for​ years. They are selling services such as​ redirected traffic, free banners, auto surfers, and​ site submitters. While they may help, obviously they are no panacea.

The true winners are the​ people that are able to​ get their web site listed in​ the​ top spots on the​ main search engines. Submitting is​ a​ simple process but does not guarantee that Google or​ anyone else will list you. You can increase your chances by building what is​ commonly called inbound links. I am not talking about those stupid pages full of​ thousands of​ links (a.k.a. link farms). Search engines are smarter then they used to​ be and​ some will actually penalize you for​ being a​ part of​ a​ link farm.

What search engines like to​ see is​ your link on another site that contains highly relevant content. Some people are able to​ achieve this be paying for​ links and​ advertising, but why pay when you can build these links for​ free. By writing articles and​ submitting them to​ free article sites, you are creating those inbound links that become gateways for​ search engines to​ find your site and​ build up your page rank.

When choosing those sites to​ submit to​ there are a​ couple things to​ consider.

- Does the​ site have a​ high PR?
- Does the​ site have high traffic?
- Will the​ site accept my article?

High PR may help you get listed in​ search engines. it​ may also help your own PR.

High traffic obviously may help get people to​ your site quicker and​ directly from another site. Not all high PR sites have high traffic.

Even though a​ site is​ new I would not write them off. New sites often are more likely to​ accept your articles in​ an​ effort to​ build up their own site. Today's PR0 site could become tomorrow's PR9.

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