How To Boost Your Internet Connection Speed

How To Boost Your Internet Connection Speed

How to​ Boost Your Internet Connection Speed
Life without surfing the​ Web is​ as​ unthinkable as​ life without the​ telephone.No matter what you're doing in​ any given day, whether it​ be shopping, checking the​ weather, or​ catching up on​ the​ events around the​ world, we all have a​ tendency to​ go online to​ get the​ scoop on​ these matters.
Whether you're thinking about starting your first Internet connection or​ you​ want to​ get the​ most out of​ your existing connection, knowing how to​ accomplish this can boost that connection and​ make your web surfing much more enjoyable.
If your starting out for​ the​ first time, you​ must find an​ ISP or​ Internet Service Provider in​ your area that serves as​ a​ middleman between your PC and​ the​ Internet.
Once you​ have found yourself a​ reliable ISP, you​ have two choices of​ Internet connections .​
The slower of​ the​ two is​ the​ Dial-Up connection but its also the​ cheapest.If you​ can afford to​ pay a​ higher monthly fee, a​ broadband connection is​ the​ way to​ go.
Whichever connection you​ have or​ start first, it​ can probably run faster with a​ little optimization .​
In order to​ improve your current Internet connection, it​ would be to​ your advantage to​ know your current connection speed.
Check this by running a​ Speed Test at​ such sites as​ PC Pit Stop at​ and​ if​ you're running a​ broadband connection, try Broadband Speed at​ and​ another is​ Broadband Reports at​ www.broadbandreports.xom/stest.
You can go to​ such search engines as​ Google or​ MSN and​ perform a​ search for​ let's say, Internet Speed Test and​ you​ will have a​ ton of​ software allowing you​ to​ test your Internet connection and​ many are free.
The Broadband Speed Test site allow you​ to​ test up to​ three times a​ month free.After that you​ can purchase a​ subscription and​ test up to​ 1,000 tests for​ $60.00 .​
You can also purchase just 100 speed tests for​ just $12.00
Run a​ few speed tests to​ objectively test the​ connection and​ its best to​ run tests at​ different hours of​ the​ day.These test sites report their values in​ different formats.
In the​ evening Internet traffic is​ much higher and​ you​ want to​ know how fast your connection is​ during this time .​
With this data written down and​ safely put away, you​ should want to​ find out how fast your modem is​ at​ other times, especially in​ the​ mornings.
This values may be reported in​ 1kb or​ 1 kilobyte or​ 1MB which is​ 1 megabytes.Look at​ the​ site's reporting values and​ take careful, detailed notes of​ each connection speed test.
To optimize either connection you​ will need to​ tweak Windows Settings and​ install optimization software.If you​ have a​ Dial-Up connection and​ use Windows 98 or​ Me, click Start, Settings, and​ click Control Panel .​
Then right click the​ Modems icon.
Now click Properties, and​ choose the​ General tab.Use the​ Maximum Speed Drop-Down menu to​ select 115200 .​
If this setting causes your Modem to​ no longer connect, change it​ to​ 57600.
Windows XP users should click Start, Control Panel and​ switch to​ classic view.Double-click the​ Phone and​ Modem options and​ choose the​ Modem tab.
Change the​ maximum settings port speed to​ 115200 and​ if​ the​ Modem responds poorly or​ not at​ all, change the​ speed to​ 57600.
Broadband users should consider using a​ tweak utility such as​ TCP Optimizer at​ and​ after downloading the​ software, you​ run it​ and​ make a​ backup of​ your current settings.
Save the​ backup, and​ follow the​ instructions in​ the​ software to​ optimize your broadband speed.Don't forget to​ click apply changes and​ click Yes if​ the​ software ask you​ to​ re-boot the​ computer.
And now you're on​ the​ home stretcth .​
Your computer should run faster now.If the​ new settings cause trouble, return to​ the​ program and​ restore your back up settings .​
If you​ failed to​ make a​ backup, restore Windows default settings.

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