How To Become An SEO Ninja

How To Become An SEO Ninja

Every website listed in​ the​ search engines has a​ position,​ or​ ‘ranking’,​ and each one of​ these rankings can change very quickly,​ in​ some cases as​ often as​ weekly or​ even daily. One day your website’s in​ a​ good position,​ then the​ next you’re wondering what happened to​ it. Staying on​ top of​ this situation is​ a​ must for any SEO professional – you​ need to​ become a​ search engine ninja. if​ that’s what you​ want to​ do,​ then you​ need to​ keep these things in​ mind at​ all times:

1. Good SEO requires frequent updates and ranking checks.

You might have a​ good spot today,​ but all it​ takes is​ for a​ few new sites to​ open,​ and before you​ know it​ you’re back down at​ the​ bottom. if​ you​ pay attention to​ your rankings,​ then you​ have a​ shot at​ fixing things that go wrong before your rankings fall too far.

2. you​ should check all your links weekly to​ make sure they work.

Maintain high-quality,​ relevant reciprocal links and check them weekly to​ make sure they’re working. Remove any dead links,​ as​ search engine crawlers may mark you​ down if​ they find them on​ your site.

3. Tweak and assess your website on​ a​ daily basis.

You need to​ continually assess and tweak your listing to​ keep your site in​ its proper place – that is,​ at​ the​ top. This ensures that your site is​ in​ the​ best position possible,​ and helps you​ keep your competitive edge.

4. Maintain the​ content on​ your website.

Update your content weekly at​ the​ very least,​ to​ make sure that search engine crawlers come back frequently. Even the​ smallest changes will be picked up on​ by the​ search engines and will help to​ maintain your ranking. if​ you​ can’t write,​ find someone who can: you​ need content.

5. Keep up-to-date with the​ latest developments in​ SEO.

If you​ can’t decide what you​ should be doing or​ you​ don’t want to​ keep up with SEO on​ your own,​ you​ could consider hiring a​ specialist. Consulting with an​ SEO specialist will still allow you​ to​ make your own changes to​ your website and learn which things work best,​ but you’ll have someone to​ answer your questions if​ you​ need them.

You should review your SEO techniques at​ least every few months,​ to​ see how the​ algorithms have changed and to​ devise new plans and strategies for increasing your rankings based on​ those changes. Any SEO ninja will tell you​ that there are only really two major search engines that you​ need to​ worry about: Google and Yahoo. you​ can do well even if​ you​ only have the​ time or​ energy to​ focus on​ these two engines. Being an​ SEO ninja is​ hard work,​ but it​ can be very rewarding if​ you’ve got the​ dedication for it.

How To Become An SEO Ninja

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