How To Be Successful At Networking

How To Be Successful At Networking

One of​ the​ first things you need to​ do to​ be successful at​ networking is​ be out going, being social, confident and​ not just a​ fence sitter. You must get out & meet & create as​ many people as​ you can. the​ more times you work a​ room full of​ people the​ more you give your business a​ chance of​ success. You will become more & more confident in​ time. Next time you have a​ chance to​ attend a​ networking function follow these tips to​ become successive at​ networking, while looking successful, bold, and​ sounding smooth to​ others around you.

Step 1

Preparation. Before you attend the​ event write down what your strengths, attributes and​ special skills are in​ order for​ you to​ know why someone should be interested in​ what you have to​ offer. Keep these strengths in​ your head in​ order to​ boost your confidence and​ remind yourself of​ why people should be talking with you and​ listening to​ what you have to​ say.

Step 2

Visualization is​ everything, picture the​ room in​ your mind, picture yourself shaking hands and​ talking with people. By visualizing everything you will be doing it​ can really help even they most shy individual. Visualization is​ a​ powerful tool used by many successful people whether it​ is​ in​ business, sports or​ entertainment.

Step 3

Now when it​ comes to​ working the​ room have a​ confident posture, a​ controlled walk, be friendly, make lots of​ eye contact and​ a​ firm handshake to​ those you meet. You can use your surroundings as​ an​ opening topic to​ talk about. Example the​ venue or​ the​ host. This will help you to​ find a​ common bond and​ to​ keep the​ conversation going. Always start with small talk before you get down to​ business.

Step 4

When you need to​ get down to​ business have some questions prepared to​ ask people in​ order to​ find out what their needs are and​ then you can shape the​ conversation in​ order to​ reflect the​ way your services will help people in​ these areas. You don’t have to​ be pushy, rather soft sell yourself and​ build interest. This will make people more receptive to​ be helped by you.

Step 5

When it​ comes your turn remember to​ repeat the​ individuals name back to​ them, talking is​ only have of​ the​ event, actively listen to​ what they have to​ say and​ keep a​ mental database of​ as​ many details you can about the​ person to​ whom you are talking. if​ possible always get a​ business card. the​ best time to​ ask is​ usually after they have talked about what they do and​ then you can offer yours in​ return.

Finally thought

When you return home be sure to​ write out information on the​ back of​ the​ card. This way you can maintain and​ build and​ rapport for​ future meetings emails and​ phone calls. Everyone likes a​ person who remembers them. Within the​ next 24 hours be sure to​ email everyone, just a​ quick email saying how you enjoyed there company and​ mention something special or​ unique about that person, plus suggest that they keep in​ touch with you.

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