How To Be An Insurance Agent Without Cold Calling

How To Be An Insurance Agent Without Cold Calling

How to​ Be An Insurance Agent Without Cold Calling
One of​ the​ most known and downright unflattering perceptions on​ insurance agents is​ that once they’re done with their warm markets,​ i.e.,​ have sold policies to​ all their relatives,​ friends,​ and acquaintances,​ it​ will only be a​ matter of​ time before they quit .​
That perception is​ not entirely baseless .​
Insurance companies and brokerage firms alike are wrought with insurance agents who seemed like go-getters at​ the​ beginning,​ but eventually lost steam after saturating their warm markets .​
Part of​ the​ problem lies in​ the​ ongoing sales process of​ insurance companies and insurance brokerage firms alike .​

Anyone And Anything Prospecting
Prospecting is​ probably the​ least favorite of​ an​ insurance agent’s list of​ things to-do,​ and for good reason .​
Nine times out of​ ten your prospects will reject you,​ and that’s on​ the​ whole .​
An agent might get lucky closing ten sales in​ a​ row,​ then end up getting rejected 20 times in​ a​ row .​
Now it​ takes an​ agent with a​ superhuman positive attitude to​ withstand this kind of​ cycle .​
Anyone and anything prospecting requires little effort .​
You can look up the​ white pages in​ the​ directory,​ or​ walk up to​ people in​ a​ bar .​
Remember,​ anyone and anything breathing is​ your prospect .​
Pre-qualified Prospecting
Insurance companies and insurance brokerage firms these days are smarting from the​ high attrition rate of​ insurance agents and are,​ in​ fact,​ finding ways to​ make the​ sales process a​ little less bloody .​
One of​ these is​ building insurance-related websites that are already optimized for insurance-related keywords .​
If you​ know how websites and search engines work,​ you​ will know that with websites,​ companies are getting quality prospects,​ or​ prospects who are looking for their products and thus are already pre-disposed to​ buying .​
All this makes the​ insurance process less bloody,​ so to​ speak,​ and actually increases sales .​
This had even made some insurance companies confident enough to​ recruit insurance agents from all fifty states through their websites,​ with some even offering free sales leads and a​ free website you​ can use to​ lure prospects to​ you​ .​
In all,​ now is​ the​ best time to​ be an​ insurance agent and benefit from the​ monetary rewards of​ actively selling insurance policies .​
(Insurance agents in​ 2018 earned $58,​450 on​ average while the​ average family in​ the​ United States just earned $48,​201.) It’s not anymore necessary to​ go through the​ whole frustrating routine of​ cold calling .​
You simply have to​ find those people looking for insurance and make them find you​ through your website.

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