How To Avoid The Three Most Common Mistakes With Skincare

How To Avoid The Three Most Common Mistakes With Skincare

How to​ Avoid the​ Three Most Common Mistakes With SkinCare
Our skin is​ our largest organ . ​
It’s living and​ breathing and​ it​ protects your internal organs from the​ invasive and​ dangerous elements of​ life viruses,​ bacteria,​ pollutants,​ and​ harsh weather,​ including the​ sun . ​

Many people don’t understand or​ fully appreciate the​ role that our skin plays on​ our overall health and​ well being . ​
Most of​ us focus on​ the​ end result,​ which is​ how our skin looks,​ rather than the​ process of​ reaching and​ maintaining that appearance through healthy choices . ​
This results in​ the​ most commonly made mistakes with skin care
Not realizing that what you​ put into your body shows on​ the​ outside . ​

By not maintaining a​ wellbalanced diet of​ foods and​ liquids rich in​ vitamins,​ minerals,​ and​ proteins,​ and​ by poisoning your system with too many harmful substances such as​ an​ overabundance of​ ​alcohol​ or​ cigarettes,​ you​ harm your skin . ​
Too much ​alcohol​ can dehydrate your skin and​ cigarettes deprive it​ of​ the​ oxygen it​ requires . ​
Supplement your diet with Essential Fatty Acids EFA’s like codliver oil or​ borage,​ flax & coconut if​ you’re vegan . ​
and​ PLEASE drink plenty of​ water! Add a​ slice of​ orange or​ sprig of​ mint to​ spruce up your water drinking experience . ​

Neglecting your skin when its young . ​

The sun and​ the​ wind can damage your skin . ​
This damage might not show when youre young,​ but just like your favorite leather coat,​ the​ wrinkles and​ cracking will show with age . ​
if​ you​ treat your leather coat with moisturizers when its new and​ continue treating it​ throughout the​ years,​ you​ can wear that jacket for​ a​ very long time without it​ showing its age . ​
the​ same goes for​ your skin . ​
Moisturize it​ before it​ shows signs of​ needing the​ moisture and​ it​ will stay healthier as​ it​ ages . ​
Use a​ heavier crème at​ night to​ rehydrate your skin & assist with repairing cellular degeneration . ​

Using skin care products that promise instant results . ​

Most skin products that are manufactured and​ full of​ instant improvement guarantees are just full of​ chemicals and​ broken promises . ​
And,​ if​ you​ listen carefully most of​ their marketing campaigns state that they will give you​ healthylooking skin,​ which is​ a​ far cry from having skin thats healthy . ​
Use allnatural creams and​ cleansers when taking care of​ your skin . ​
Avoid ingredients like mineral oil,​ alcohol,​ lanolin & parabens preservatives . ​

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