How To Apply Tanning Lotion Correctly

How To Apply Tanning Lotion Correctly

Every day, millions of​ dead skin cells are sloughed off or​ worn away from the​ surface of​ your skin. in​ fact, every 35 to​ 45 days, you have an​ entirely new epidermis. This is​ why tans from sunless- or​ self-tanning lotions will gradually fade -- as​ the​ dead cells are worn away, so is​ your tan. for​ this reason, most of​ these products suggest that you reapply the​ sunless- or​ self-tanner about every three days to​ maintain your tan.

Although gels, lotions or​ sprays that contain DHA are said to​ be the​ most reliable and​ useful, there are dozens of​ other types of​ products on the​ market. Tanning accelerators -- lotions or​ pills that usually contain the​ amino acid tyrosine -- claim that they stimulate and​ increase melanin formation, thereby accelerating the​ tanning process.

Hot Tips for​ Proper Application!

Wait at​ LEAST 15 minutes before getting dressed (remember that self-tanner can stain clothes). Do not exercise or​ swim for​ at​ least three hours.

If you make a​ mistake and​ end up with streaky or​ dark areas of​ skin, consider using an​ exfoliant such as​ my 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid over those spots. Then, in​ the​ morning, manually exfoliate those areas with a​ wet washcloth. This should rub off any uneven stripes. Take special care with problem areas.

As an​ option for​ your hands (which can be particularly tricky to​ get looking natural) apply self-tanner as​ you would a​ moisturizer, but then quickly wipe your palms off on a​ slightly soapy washcloth. Then take a​ Q-tip dipped in​ cleanser, eye-makeup remover (one that is​ not greasy so it​ doesn’t spread or​ smear), or​ nail polish remover and​ carefully use it​ to​ wipe around the​ nails and​ cuticle area and​ between your fingers. You can also use a​ makeup sponge to​ apply self-tanner to​ the​ back of​ your hands, tops of​ your feet, temples, and​ hairline. By holding the​ sponge deftly between two fingers, you only need to​ worry about preventing this small area from changing color.

Skin-care products such as​ AHAs, BHA, topical scrubs, Retin-A, and​ topical disinfectants can affect the​ self-tanner’s action on your skin or​ even eliminate the​ color by exfoliating the​ surface skin cells (self-tanners only interact on the​ surface of​ skin). it​ is​ best not to​ apply these products the​ evening you apply a​ self-tanner. However, if​ you must do so, wait at​ least two to​ three hours before you do.

Reapply self-tanner as​ you feel the​ need. Generally it​ will start fading in​ about three to​ four days as​ the​ surface layers of​ skin shed.

It is​ important to​ tan correctly and​ we urge you to​ come find out more about self tanning! Learn about the​ common mistakes made and​ gather hot tips of​ looking totally fabulous!

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