How Smart Are Pit Bull Terrier Dogs

How Smart Are Pit Bull Terrier Dogs

People say a​ lot of​ things about Pit Bulls,​ but you​ never hear them talk much about the​ intelligence of​ this particular breed. Fact is​ you’ll never hear anything about the​ intelligence of​ this animal,​ unless you​ are in​ the​ company of​ Pit bull owners. Anyone who has owned one of​ these fascinating dogs will tell you​ straight up that the​ Pit bull is​ a​ very smart dog indeed.

Pit Bulls are fairly quick to​ learn,​ but they also have a​ certain stubborn streak which is​ a​ direct result of​ their intelligence. These dogs have a​ definite will of​ their own,​ and they like to​ get their way,​ but then again most humans do as​ well!

This stubborn behavior which shows from time to​ time tends to​ make the​ Pit Bull breed slightly harder to​ train than other breeds. Some people mistake the​ dog’s independent will as​ the​ dog not being trainable,​ but nothing could be further from the​ truth! These highly intelligent dogs can be trained.

The problems in​ training arise from owners who have no knowledge about the​ Pit Bull breed. as​ with any breed,​ prospective owners should always invest a​ little of​ their time into getting to​ know the​ particular quirks that all dog breeds have. Owners who get a​ Pit Bull then whine about the​ training of​ them simply did not do their homework. That’s not the​ dog’s fault,​ now is​ it?

As the​ owner of​ a​ Pit Bull,​ you​ should understand that his stubbornness comes from his intelligence,​ and that you​ shouldn’t take it​ personally. Just because he doesn’t want to​ do what you​ want him to​ do at​ a​ specific time doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. if​ you​ can simply treat it​ for what it​ truly is,​ stubbornness,​ then you’ll both make out just fine.

Always meet their hard headed ways with patience and understanding. Certainly don’t give up on​ their training,​ just be a​ little more stubborn than they are!

You may want to​ consider using a​ type of​ training called play training. This type of​ training appeals to​ Pit Bulls because they absolutely love to​ play. When a​ training task is​ presented as​ a​ fun game,​ the​ task will appeal to​ the​ dog’s inner desire for play. With this technique,​ you​ can outwit the​ stubbornness you​ may have encountered with any other type of​ training.

When purchasing toys for your Pit Bull,​ keep in​ mind those strong jaws this breed is​ famous for. You’ll want to​ purchase toys that are geared to​ survive for the​ long haul. Be sure to​ get toys which will not break apart easily and injure your Pit Bull. Above all,​ enjoy your new found friend!

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