How A SEO Services Company Can Boost You Site Traffic

How A SEO Services Company Can Boost You Site Traffic

Search engine optimization or​ SEO has become one of​ the​ most important components of​ Internet marketing strategies. it​ is​ a​ tool that enhances the​ process of​ increasing the​ quality and quantity of​ web traffic improving and provides organic search results. the​ normal trend is​ that the​ higher a​ website is​ ranked on​ the​ search result page,​ the​ more traffic it​ will get. SEO services can vary from website to​ website depending on​ the​ requirement but is​ used on​ website headings,​ in​ text or​ body copy,​ design and even on​ images.

There are many people who have a​ website that displays some of​ the​ best products,​ has some well written content and offer great service and yet these sites don’t receive even half the​ desired traffic. This is​ simply because they didn’t understand the​ importance of​ SEO nor did they realize its potential in​ driving the​ targeted traffic. Great products,​ excellent services and a​ site that is​ very well written. to​ enhance your website,​ you​ will require the​ services of​ a​ SEO consultant or​ an​ SEO copywriter who knows his/her job very well.

A SEO copywriter will add more depth to​ your existing website copy by adding singular or​ plural keywords,​ synonyms and keyword phrases. Now that you​ have understood the​ common practices,​ let us take a​ look at​ the​ two broad categories of​ SEO services. They are:

•On-Page Optimization
•Off-Page Optimization

On-page optimization SEO services include:

1.Well researched keywords
2.Correct use of​ Meta tags
3.Keyword density optimization

On-page optimization is​ the​ most commonly applied category within the​ SEO services and it​ focuses on​ two elements namely,​ your webpage content and the​ website structure or​ architecture. the​ key element is​ your web page content and you​ need to​ take special care while writing the​ content. Your web page content has to​ be relevant and in​ sync with the​ product or​ services you​ are selling or​ promoting. the​ best way to​ get your website on​ the​ top of​ the​ page ranking is​ by using various SEO techniques. Effective use of​ SEO techniques can actually bring results within a​ short period of​ time.

Off-Page Optimization SEO services include:

1.Increasing link exchange/link building/ link popularity: you​ can exchange your website links with another website and thus gain mileage without spending money. you​ can even display your link on​ various article directories.

2.Using keyword rich anchor text.

3.Submission to​ article directory: This is​ a​ cost free method of​ gaining mileage or​ promoting your website. There are hundreds of​ article directories available today for submission purposes. Most of​ them won’t charge you​ anything but there are a​ few who would charge you​ a​ membership fee. you​ can do this yourself but a​ well optimized article will increase your relevancy thus its effectiveness.

SEO services or​ SEO techniques are based on​ certain common practices and these include:

1.Well researched keywords: SEO services are actually aimed at​ getting your site a​ higher rank in​ all search engines. to​ get the​ higher ranking,​ your website content needs to​ be keyword rich and hence you​ need to​ select the​ right keywords. This research for the​ right keywords or​ keyword phrase is​ an​ integral part of​ the​ entire search engine optimization process. the​ keyword phrase research is​ a​ process of​ selecting those keyword phrases,​ which are optimized and will help visitors to​ find your website. the​ important thing is​ to​ follow the​ right approach to​ find these keywords. if​ you​ are selling camping tents,​ then your keyword needs to​ be associated with the​ product and the​ activity for which it​ is​ used.

2.Heading of​ the​ web page: the​ heading is​ the​ most important part of​ any web page as​ it​ always catches the​ eye due to​ its positioning. Hence,​ you​ can always use catchy copy or​ tag lines to​ draw attention or​ create curiosity. Hence to​ create a​ higher visibility,​ you​ can use a​ primary keyword in​ the​ heading. There are two types of​ keywords: primary and secondary. Let’s take an​ example: if​ you​ are offering web design,​ then your primary keyword will be web site design,​ graphic design,​ banner design etc. the​ search engines always give higher priority to​ the​ primary keyword or​ the​ keyword used in​ the​ heading. One more thing to​ remember is​ the​ length of​ text in​ single page. the​ ideal word limit is​ 500 because this helps to​ understand the​ keyword relevance. Not all the​ search engines will read through the​ entire page hence,​ try to​ keep the​ primary keywords in​ the​ beginning.

3.Meta tags: Meta tags,​ one of​ the​ SEO services,​ can’t really be seen like the​ text. it​ is​ normally embedded in​ the​ code or​ the​ html. Meta tags help in​ letting the​ search engine crawler’s index your website in​ an​ accurate manner. There are different types of​ Meta tags like the​ title tags,​ Meta description tags,​ Meta keyword tags and body tags.

What to​ avoid from a​ SEO company:

Make sure that the​ SEO firm you​ hire does not practice black hat techniques that can get your site banned completely from the​ search engine… why would they do that? to​ get you​ the​ unrealistic goals they set and once they have “fulfilled” their end of​ the​ contract they leave you​ hanging with a​ banned site.

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