How Online Golf Equipment Reviews Helped My Love Of The Game

How Online Golf Equipment Reviews Helped My Love Of The Game

When a​ friend of​ mine introduced me to​ golf many years ago, I wasn’t overly impressed and​ asked him what he saw in​ the​ game. He said, “Well, golf means different things to​ different people. to​ me, it’s mostly about being away from my busy life for​ a​ few hours, being one with nature, and​ talking to​ some good friends.” That made sense to​ me, but I quickly found out what he meant as​ I became a​ golfer, too, taking lessons and​ burying myself in​ golf equipment reviews.

People do take up golf for​ different reasons and​ it​ does mean something different to​ almost every player. for​ some, like my friend, it’s relaxing on a​ beautiful course and​ enjoying nature and​ the​ scenery. to​ others it’s a​ great way to​ meet with clients and​ close deals. Some just enjoy an​ occasional round. Others get hooked and​ pursue mastery of​ the​ game with single-minded passion. But no matter what attracts you to​ the​ game of​ golf, we all have something in​ common: we need equipment. Lots of​ it.

Initially I had a​ real problem with that. Golf shops intimidated me. I didn’t really know much about golf clubs, golf shoes or​ even golf bags and​ I was embarrassed about my lack of​ knowledge. Whenever I went to​ a​ pro shop, everyone else seemed to​ be an​ expert, knowing everything about golf, except me. I didn’t understand half of​ what sales people were talking about and​ I didn’t even understand many of​ their questions. So I felt they were talking down to​ me and​ I resented that.

So I began reading golf books and​ magazines and​ asked golfing buddies for​ advice. I ended up with a​ good set of​ clubs, found that some balls worked better for​ me than others (I am a​ Titleist man), and​ spent a​ small fortune on golf equipment (Nike made a​ small fortune off me) I did or​ did not need. Truth be told, my lack of​ knowledge and​ my being ill at​ ease with the​ sales people in​ the​ pro shops probably kept me from enjoying the​ game as​ much as​ I should have.

All of​ this changed in​ the​ past few years. I am an​ online person. to​ me, finding accurate and​ unbiased golf equipment reviews on the​ web was just what I had been waiting for. I am not talking about just online golf stores or​ golf bulletin boards. What helped me were sites done by golfing enthusiasts who simply wanted to​ share their knowledge with others. See, while I used to​ be aware of​ the​ likes of​ Burton or​ Ogio or​ Ping, there wasn’t anyone who told me who truly made the​ best bag for​ me. I was told some of​ the​ training aids out there really worked while others were a​ waste of​ money but I didn’t know which was which. I knew of​ amazing advancements in​ golf carts and​ I had even heard of​ new technologies like golf gps, but I didn't know what was valuable information and​ what was just marketing.

For me, the​ emergence of​ golf enthusiast sites with golf equipment reviews made all the​ difference. I love reading reviews written by real people as​ opposed to​ just sales spiels, and​ I love how some of​ those sites explain it​ all in​ terms that make sense. I love to​ read and​ learn, and​ these days I totally rely on golf sites that are not only entertaining, but also provide me with the​ reviews I need and​ even recommendations on where to​ get the​ best deals.

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