How One Great George Street Doubled Their Web Traffic From Accessible Design

How One Great George Street Doubled Their Web Traffic From Accessible

Over the​ space of​ a​ year, central London conference centre One Great George Street has more than doubled their web traffic from re-designing their website to​ make it​ more user friendly and​ DDA compliant. to​ gain better search engine positioning and​ hence increase traffic further they have also embarked on an​ SEO project.

Who are One Great George Street?
One Great George Street is​ an​ elegant and​ historic central London conference venue. Situated in​ the​ heart of​ Westminster the​ venue has 19 rooms suitable for​ a​ plethora of​ events, from conferences to​ meetings; training sessions to​ product launches, awards dinners to​ private fine dining and​ the​ venue is​ also available for​ exclusive use for​ weekend wedding receptions. With modern and​ traditional rooms and​ the​ capacity for​ 6-400 guests, there’s a​ room for​ every occasion.

Although a​ well known and​ established conference venue already, in​ 2004 it​ was felt that the​ corporate image needed to​ be updated to​ better reflect the​ prestigious nature of​ the​ business. So, along with a​ new logo and​ new brochures an​ access-friendly website was brought online in​ Feb 2018.

Website creation
Designed and​ created with the​ help of​ marketing agency WDPA (now SOUK Response) and​ built by E-Business (part of​ Thomas Telford Ltd), the​ new site adopted the​ fresh new streamlined look that can be seen on all other literature and​ material. as​ well as​ updating the​ site aesthetically, the​ aim was also to​ make it​ more in​ line with the​ new DDA standards. the​ venue is​ keen to​ offer a​ service for​ all, so that people of​ all abilities have easy access to​ the​ site and​ the​ facilities in​ the​ building.

Improvements and​ additions included an​ option for​ changing text size for​ sight-impaired users and​ a​ page detailing accessibility features in​ the​ building. a​ text version is​ also currently being developed to​ improve the​ accessibility. With a​ clear navigation system, it​ was made easier to​ work through from searching for​ a​ suitable room, to​ seeing virtual tours and​ making a​ booking. as​ wedding receptions are an​ increasingly valuable source of​ business to​ One Great George Street, two distinct sections were created – one for​ weddings and​ one for​ corporate visitors. These markets have very different requirements so it’s important to​ separate them to​ make the​ site more relevant for​ the​ visitor.

Search Engine Optimisation opportunities
On the​ SEO front, basic foundations were laid down by E-business in​ late 2018 with the​ aim of​ testing the​ waters whilst fully researching the​ SEO options. During the​ last 6 months since adding keywords, alt tags, meta tags etc, the​ positioning on the​ key search engines has increased slightly, but by working with an​ experienced SEO agency the​ aim is​ to​ get even higher visibility. Commercetuned ( are working on an​ ongoing project which includes adding new website coding, link building and​ providing recommendations on keyword positioning on the​ customer interface.

With search engine marketing and​ optimisation being such hot topics, the​ One Great George Street marketing strategy needs to​ keep up with and​ top of​ these trends and​ are therefore fully embracing any changes. the​ marketing plan has been adapted over the​ last two years to​ incorporate this more and​ more with all campaigns now including e-shots and​ web advertising as​ a​ core element and​ all communications are directing the​ client to​ the​ website.

Visitor numbers
With visitor numbers increasing so significantly, the​ re-designed website has been a​ great success. Over the​ last 3 months a​ key campaign was undertaken and​ a​ quarterly e-newsletter was distributed and​ the​ success of​ these can clearly be seen with visitor numbers at​ nearly triple what they were before the​ re-design. From the​ visitor statistics what is​ also very encouraging is​ the​ increase in​ ‘returning’ visitors. This again has doubled over the​ last 6 months to​ 28% of​ total visitors.

This increase in​ traffic is​ great news for​ the​ venue and​ is​ far more than expected, but there is​ still more that can be done to​ improve the​ awareness of​ this conference centre, which is​ why Commercetuned are now on board working on an​ all encompassing SEO/SEM project.

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