How Often Should I Feed My Dog

How often should I​ feed my dog?
This often becomes an​ important question asked by many dog lovers and dog owners .​
If it​ is​ a​ puppy within age of​ the​ first six weeks,​ the​ puppies need to​ be given milk at​ the​ rate of​ five to​ seven times per day .​
The puppy will make some sound if​ it​ wants to​ feed in​ general .​
However,​ the​ feeding frequency may be reduced when the​ dog becomes six to​ eight weeks old .​
By the​ time the​ dog assumes the​ age of​ four weeks,​ it​ may start taking of​ some solid food .​
Hence,​ mix the​ solid food with water in​ majority and feed your puppy once or​ twice in​ the​ beginning and if​ the​ dog develops some diarrhea,​ then delay the​ feeding.
Most of​ the​ times,​ it​ is​ due to​ trial and error but taking some basic steps in​ feeding,​ so you​ need to​ watch out .​
the​ feeding frequency may be changed to​ two to​ three times after the​ assumption of​ age of​ eight weeks .​
However,​ if​ the​ dog is​ seen hungry craving for food,​ then provide food once than the​ estimated numbers .​
This varies with different breeds of​ dogs .​
However,​ avoid feeding too many times in​ this age group of​ dogs .​
Around three months to​ six months of​ age,​ the​ puppy will be teething .​
Hence,​ restrict the​ feeding to​ two times only but the​ balanced type of​ nutrition needs to​ be provided to​ the​ dogs of​ this age group to​ avoid the​ deficiency based symptoms in​ them .​
From six months to​ one year,​ try using puppy food that is​ available commercially .​
However,​ from first year onwards,​ the​ adult food may be given gradually .​
However,​ when the​ dog becomes an​ elder dog,​ restrict the​ frequency of​ feeding since the​ movements of​ such adult dogs are highly reduced due to​ multiple reasons .​
However,​ the​ pregnant animal may be fed an​ extra time depending on​ the​ willingness of​ the​ animal and restrict the​ quantity of​ the​ food but without compromising on​ the​ quality of​ food .​

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