How NOT To Groom Your Dog

How NOT To Groom Your Dog

We have a​ wonderful gentle natured dog that I adopted about 8 years ago. Unfortunately she was a​ bit neglected and was very timid when I brought her home. She had previously belonged to​ someone who lived nearby and I had spent the​ last few months making sure she had food and fresh water so we were already well acquainted.

Meisha is​ her name and I would say she is​ a​ cross between a​ collie and a​ husky. She is​ a​ beautiful mix of​ grays and white with a​ little black mixed in. Up until a​ couple summers ago I had always taken her in​ to​ be groomed and trimmed,​ but I had forgotten to​ make an​ appointment for her one time and the​ next thing I knew her groomer was booked up for the​ next couple of​ months.

Well my sister-in-law and I decided instead of​ looking for another groomer we would just take care of​ it​ ourselves. No big deal. We had decided it​ was just so darn hot and she always sheds so bad that we would really give her a​ trim and make her more comfortable.

I didn't have any dog grooming clippers but my neighbors did and they volunteered them for the​ task. My first clue that this might not be a​ good idea was that although my neighbors had clippers they still took their dog to​ the​ groomers for a​ trim. Why did I not think to​ ask why they did that when they had a​ perfectly great pair of​ trimmers at​ home.

We got out the​ clippers and were really going to​ town,​ poor Meisha was not impressed but she really wasn't too tough to​ handle. We were feeling pretty proud of​ our beginning results but as​ we got going we realized this was not going to​ be a​ quick chore. to​ get everything done and looking great it​ was going to​ take some time,​ and we were wondering just how long Meisha was going to​ good naturedly cooperate with all this when disaster struck.

How it​ happened I don't know,​ and I'm not sure how we did not notice but the​ guard came off the​ clippers and before you​ know it​ my poor dog and a​ reverse Mohawk that was extremely short. We didn't get her skin or​ anything but we had definitely trimmed her much much shorter that we desired.

Of course at​ this time the​ neighbor came out,​ the​ kids came by to​ see what was going on,​ and my brother stopped by. Everyone just looked at​ this poor dog that was only halfway trimmed anyway but she also had this extremely short strip right down the​ middle of​ her back.

To top it​ all off Meisha decided she had had enough and took off to​ the​ back of​ the​ yard to​ lay in​ the​ shade of​ the​ peach tree.

My daughter was mortified with what we had done and my brother and neighbor could not quit laughing. Now my sister-in-law and I did not think it​ was so funny. After all we had a​ half groomed dog that was now thoroughly tired of​ our well meaning efforts and to​ top it​ off she almost had a​ bald strip down the​ middle of​ her back.

We decided it​ was time for an​ expert and started calling groomers. I finally found one that could take her the​ next day,​ I had told her there had been a​ mishap with the​ clippers and she was too short in​ some areas and only half way trimmed in​ others. I DID NOT volunteer that I had caused all these problems,​ but I did not blame it​ on​ anyone else either. I just kind of​ left it​ up in​ the​ air.

So the​ next day when I took her in​ they commented on​ what an​ awful job someone had done and they could not believe that someone had been foolish enough not to​ have the​ guard secured or​ at​ the​ least have noticed right away when it​ fell off. They made these comments before I could say anything and volunteer that it​ was me who had gotten my dog into this predicament.

One groomer made the​ comment I hope you​ will never let the​ person that did this near your dog with clippers again,​ and I just commented that I didn't think we would ever have this problem again. I knew we wouldn't because I was just sure I would never forget to​ make an​ appointment again and attempt this myself.

I left Meisha and went back to​ get her later and she looked really great,​ except for that darn strip across her back. They gave me instructions that I should probably put sunscreen on​ her back for a​ week or​ two until it​ grew a​ little longer. of​ course I had brought my then 4 year old daughter with me to​ pick up Meisha and as​ children will do they often pipe in​ with comments we would rather left unsaid. I think her comment was that after she saw what I had done to​ Meisha she was no longer going to​ let me trim her bangs anymore.

Of course dead silence resulted,​ and I felt I had to​ make my excuses. it​ all ended up with laughter (at my expense) and the​ promise that next year I should just let them know I was Meisha's "mom",​ and they would fit me in​ no problem.

So the​ moral of​ this story if​ you​ want to​ trim your own dog,​ go for it,​ but don't let the​ guard fall off the​ trimmer and not notice!! you​ might also want to​ read the​ instructions that come with it​ too,​ just to​ be sure the​ guard is​ secured on!

There are some great trimmers out there and I was contemplating getting one and attempting it​ again but then I happened to​ run across a​ picture of​ what happened a​ couple years ago. Instead I picked up the​ phone and called the​ groomer for an​ appointment to​ have her trimmed in​ a​ couple of​ months. I decided I didn't want to​ take any chances of​ not getting in​ before it​ got really hot. I swear my dog looked at​ me gratefully after I hung up,​ and my daughter still won't let me trim her bangs!

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