How Much Can You Make With Mini Storage Auctions

How Much Can You Make with Mini Storage Auctions
Have you recently learned that you can make money with mini storage auctions? if​ so, you may be wondering how the​ process works and, better yet, how much you can make .​

To make money with self-storage auctions, you must buy merchandise for​ sale at​ an​ auction and​ then resell it​ for​ a​ profit .​
There is​ some risk involved .​
Rarely do you get to​ see up close or​ inspect what you are bidding on .​
With that said, there is​ always the​ possibility of​ making a​ profit.
As for​ how much money you can make with mini storage auctions, it​ depends on a​ number of​ different factors .​
Start with how much you spend .​
When reselling for​ a​ profit, you need to​ limit your business expenses .​
This starts at​ the​ self-storage auction .​
if​ you see a​ storage unit filled with antique furniture, it​ is​ a​ good buy .​
You may have to​ bid high to​ walk away the​ winner, but never bid more than you need to .​
the​ less money you spend, the​ more you will make after your expenses have been deducted.
It also depends on the​ merchandise you walk away with .​
Why there is​ the​ potential to​ make money is​ because a​ wide range of​ items can be found in​ self-storage units .​
as​ previously stated, it​ is​ common to​ find furniture stored in​ them .​
When two households are consolidated into one, a​ storage unit is​ often rented .​
You may get lucky and​ find an​ auction where the​ whole contents of​ a​ home are up for​ bid .​
Toys, books, movies, and​ clothes can also be found .​

In keeping with the​ merchandise you walk away with, you want to​ get items that you can profit from .​
To make the​ most money, look for​ valuables .​
These include antiques and​ jewelry .​
Unfortunately, jewelry is​ usually packed away in​ boxes .​
That is​ why you may want to​ look for​ written labels on boxes .​
Furniture, which is​ easy to​ spot, is​ usually resellable .​
Furniture and​ other similar items, like household appliances, clothes, and​ toys will always resell as​ they are in​ need, but they may not garner the​ highest profit.
Speaking of​ which, you can still strike it​ rich, with items that are small in​ size or​ low in​ value .​
the​ trick is​ to​ purchase more items .​
Say, you win a​ storage unit at​ a​ mini storage auction that contains five boxes of​ clothing, with 200 pieces total, and​ pay $25 for​ it .​
At yard sales, clothing tends to​ sell at​ around $1 a​ piece .​
Provided you get this much, you make $200 while only spending $25 in​ expenses .​
So, even if​ you don’t walk away from a​ mini storage auction with valuable jewelry or​ antiques, you can still make money.
Speaking of​ valuable jewelry and​ antiques, you need to​ know what you have .​
Never resell anything that looks valuable, older, or​ antique without first researching is​ value online .​
An easy way to​ do so is​ to​ perform a​ completed listing search on .​
Say you find a​ box that contains a​ rare limited edition vase .​
That vase may be valued at​ $500 or​ more .​
But, if​ you don’t know its value, you may sell it​ for​ only $5 at​ a​ yard sale.
Unless you buy a​ storage unit at​ an​ auction that contains nothing more than family photographs and​ personal documents, which can happen but is​ rare, you should walk away making a​ profit.

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