How Long Should You Rest Between Muscle Building Sessions

How Long Should You Rest Between Muscle Building Sessions

In an​ earlier article we concluded that muscles must be worked to​ failure if​ an​ adequate hypertrophic response is​ to​ occur. Whether this involves one or​ more sets is​ irrelevant as​ in​ either scenario the muscles must be worked to​ failure and beyond. This causes significant microscopic damage to​ the muscle tissues and it​ is​ during the period of​ recovery that protein synthesis undertakes the repair process that results in​ bigger muscle fibers.

But how long does this process take and when is​ it​ safe to​ expose those same muscles to​ further intensive exercise? Scientific studies suggest that muscle fiber degradation takes approximately five to​ seven days to​ repair and recover. Any further exposure of​ the affected muscle to​ intensive activity will interfere with the recovery process and actually prevent it​ from achieving maximum growth. However, using the muscle to​ assist in​ exercising other body parts or​ even taking part in​ low intensity aerobic exercise will not prevent recovery.

It follows therefore that each muscle group should be trained intensively only once each week in​ order to​ allow full recovery. This can be achieved by incorportating a​ split training regime that allows you to​ work out several times each week but still exercise each muscle group intensively only once every seven days.

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