How List Building Compliments SEO

How List Building Compliments SEO

A discussion of​ why search engine optimization is​ not enough and how you​ can maximize your sales by using it​ in​ tandem with a​ good list-building campaign.

SEO brings customers who have been led to​ you​ by mathematics. List-building brings you​ people who have already expressed interest in​ subscribing to​ your informational products or​ who have already expressed interest in​ buying your products and services. These are true targeted buyers that you​ can rely on​ to​ revisit your site just because you​ interest them. you​ can use SEO to​ bring these buyers to​ your site but in​ the​ end SEO can’t compete with these humans who don’t care about how you​ spell things,​ how many photographs or​ flash banners you​ have on​ your site and if​ you​ have a​ lot of​ indexed links.

When you​ build an​ opt-in list you​ are building potential sales. SEO can bring you​ leads but not necessarily sales. SEO is​ of​ course an​ absolutely crucial component of​ any website,​ especially one that is​ just starting out in​ business. However SEO works best when it​ is​ in​ a​ relationship with an​ opt in​ list.

Opt in​ lists are a​ free form of​ automatic marketing that is​ viral in​ nature as​ very often the​ people on​ your mailing list will also send your information to​ other interested parties who then in​ turn send news of​ your products to​ their friends.

Of course this only works if​ you​ have something of​ value to​ give on​ their site. you​ can do all of​ the​ SEO and list building that you​ want but nobody is​ going to​ buy from you​ unless the​ emails,​ e-course or​ newsletters you​ are sending out truly have something to​ offer. the​ bottom line – SEO is​ not by nature a​ viral marketing mechanism but an​ opt in​ list is​ which is​ why it​ is​ important to​ put some kind of​ widget on​ your website that gathers email addresses for you. Having both functioning on​ your site will maximize your profits.

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