How Golf Instructional Videos Can Take Your Game To The Next Level

How Golf Instructional Videos Can Take Your Game To The Next Level

I’ve been providing golf instruction for​ many years. and​ while I enjoy giving golf lessons and​ discussing golf tips, there’s something to​ be said about golf instructional videos as​ teaching aids. Increasingly popular, videos have several advantages other instruction methods don’t. Below are four advantages that I especially like about videos.

1. Visual Learning
We’re all different and​ we all like to​ learn in​ our own way. Research has found that two major categories of​ preferred learning styles exist—visual and​ auditory. (Those who use both are referred to​ as​ “balanced” listeners.) in​ other words, when it​ comes to​ learning new information we prefer to​ use either our eyes or​ our ears, depending on how our brain works. About 65 percent of​ us are visual learners. the​ rest are auditory or​ balanced learners. I see this theory at​ work in​ my golf lessons all the​ time. People prefer to​ see a​ technique or​ a​ specific shot executed, enhancing the​ learning process.

Instructional videos provide an​ excellent learning experience, given our preference for​ learning visually. Many of​ us tend to​ learn new information faster and​ retain it​ longer when the​ information is​ taken in​ through our eyes, making videos highly effective teaching tools. in​ addition, videos can provide two or​ three times the​ amount of​ information in​ a​ visual setting than other methods. One golf video I viewed covered the​ basics of​ golf in​ a​ little less than an​ hour. Thus, golfers not only receive information in​ their preferred learning style but also in​ greater quantities, reinforced by the​ latest visual techniques.

2. Money Savings
In comparison to​ a​ typical hourly lesson rate of​ anywhere from $50-$150 for​ a​ PGA Pro, a​ golf instruction DVD can provide that same information at​ a​ fraction of​ the​ cost. Better yet, you can watch it​ over and​ over again…without getting charged hourly.

3. Stop and​ Rewind
This technological capability must be singled out for​ its unique communication capabilities. Unlike a​ personal presentation, the​ instructional video allows the​ viewer to​ stop and​ rewind the​ tape, either from the​ beginning or​ from a​ certain point in​ the​ script. in​ other words, it​ lets us replay the​ tape again and​ again, helping us learn through repetition.

The capability also helps with complicated golf techniques. We can rewind the​ tape over and​ over again and​ watch how a​ shot was made, imprinting it​ in​ our minds. It’s especially helpful with difficult shots. Once we have this visual representation in​ our minds, making the​ shot when we face it​ becomes much easier.

4. Unique Technological Capabilities
Instructional videos employ the​ medium’s unique technological capabilities to​ drive home key points effectively—capabilities that support information presentation. Golf instructional videos use split screens, inserts, close-ups, and​ computer generated 3-D graphics to​ teach the​ game’s fundamentals such as​ how to​ grip, aim, and​ swing the​ club as​ well as​ how to​ create the​ proper angles at​ address and​ how to​ take the​ club back correctly.

These techniques also help maintain our interest, especially when combined with other visual aides. There’s nothing more boring in​ person, on television or​ during movies than watching a​ talking head. Human beings crave action, movement, and​ so on. if​ we don’t get it, we get bored quickly and​ turn our attention to​ other things, lowering the​ effectiveness of​ the​ presentation. Keeping us interested helps us focus on the​ material being presented.

In addition, the​ capability lets us hone in​ on details we might have missed the​ first time around, as​ well as​ things that we couldn’t see in​ print, like rhythm, balance, and​ timing. Much of​ our golf game depends on these details and​ key intangibles, and​ much depends on our getting a​ “feel” for​ what the​ moderator is​ talking about and​ demonstrating.

These are just four of​ the​ unique benefits provided by instructional videos. if​ you sat down and​ studied the​ question, you probably could come up with several more. These benefits explain golf instructional videos’ popularity over the​ last decade or​ so, and​ why they are so efficient in​ communicating information to​ a​ golfer. in​ short, they are cost-effective teaching tools for​ the​ average golfer.

Of course, we’re not saying that you should abandon all other instructional methods, like golf lessons and​ golf tips. Each makes a​ contribution to​ the​ learning process and​ each has its place among the​ different techniques. Golf lessons, for​ example, are great at​ providing feedback and​ correcting faults.

By combining teaching methods, however, you’ll learn the​ game faster than using just one method. You’ll also learn to​ lower your golf handicap faster using several teaching approaches than one. and​ isn’t that what golf instruction is​ all about?

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