How Enhanced Sex Lives Can Lead To Healthy Marriages

How Enhanced Sex Lives Can Lead to​ Healthy Marriages
A number of​ couples restrict themselves from talking about sexuality and their sex lives. Some are shy while others are reluctant to​ open up with their respective partners. This approach to​ sexuality can lead to​ ruined marriages. Sexuality is​ one of​ the​ key factors in​ having a​ healthy marriage. Sex is​ not just about satisfying each others libido or​ sexual desires. More than that,​ it​ is​ about effective communication and intimacy. Both partners should look forward to​ an entirely satisfying sex life along with the​ emotional connection that it​ entails. According to​ many health and marriage experts,​ it​ is​ normal for couples to​ encounter difficulties in​ their sexual relationship. Some of​ the​ common problems couples may encounter are boredom,​ lack of​ intimacy,​ low sexual desires,​ and lack of​ passion in​ sex. Another cause may be the​ failure of​ one partner to​ perform according to​ the​ expectations of​ the​ other party.
Some wives claim that they often feel rejected when their husbands lack intimacy. Some of​ these sexual problems take a​ toll on​ the​ emotional and physical condition of​ people. There are people who gained weight and lost their selfesteem in​ part due to​ poor sexual lives. On the​ contrary,​ people who reportedly had active sex lives had become happier and closer to​ their partners. Robert Holden,​ a​ doctor who specializes on​ emotional health,​ says that sexual intercourse is​ not just an act of​ lust,​ but a​ form of​ communication and intimacy. He said that,​ . . . one of​ the​ big mistakes we​ make in​ relationships is​ that we​ dont give our best energy to​ the​ people that matter most. And I ​ think that people should make time to​ be able to​ give some of​ your best energy to​ each other.
But what if​ one of​ the​ parties involved,​ particularly the​ men,​ fail to​ perform? Specialists advise men who have difficulty in​ their sexual performance to​ check and improve their lifestyle. Health experts believe that ones lifestyle— including food intake,​ daily work and domestic routines,​ and level of​ physical fitness all play a​ role to​ determine a​ persons sexual health. They also believe that ​alcohol​ should be taken moderately since it​ is​ one of​ the​ major causes of​ sexual problems including impotence erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. a​ study on​ 17,​000 alcoholic men revealed that after several years of​ zero ​alcohol​ intake,​ at​ least 50 percent of​ the​ respondents regained their normal erectile functions while the​ other 50% partially or​ completely achieved erection.
High blood pressure is​ also a​ major cause of​ erectile dysfunction. a​ study published in​ the​ Journal of​ Urology in​ 2000 showed that 68% of​ men with high blood pressure aged 4079 experienced erectile dysfunction at​ one time or​ another. at​ least 45% of​ these cases were considered severe erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs because high blood pressure keeps the​ arteries that carry blood to​ the​ penis to​ dilate. This causes the​ smooth muscles in​ the​ penis to​ reduce its ability to​ relax,​ leading to​ inadequate blood flow to​ the​ penis that hinders the​ erection of​ the​ penis. in​ addition,​ high blood pressure in​ men may lead to​ low testosterone level. Testosterone is​ the​ male hormone that plays a​ crucial role in​ the​ male sexual arousal. Cigarette smoking and consumption of​ fatty foods are the​ leading causes of​ high cholesterol,​ which leads to​ high blood pressure.
Health specialists advise individuals to​ exercise and undergo other physical activities. These activities however should be done moderately to​ avoid overtraining. Clinical studies show that proper exercise may enable the​ body to​ produce more testosterone. Additionally,​ a​ substance called endorphin is​ produced when people exercise. These endorphins gives periods of​ relaxation and bliss and relieve people who exercise of​ the​ stress and anxiety that they experience.
Overtraining,​ however,​ is​ one factor that is​ considered to​ contribute to​ sterility. An investigation by health experts revealed that overtraining causes fatigue,​ which then temporarily reduces sperm count and affects its quality. Specialists say that this happens because the​ body literally kills itself during training. to​ build muscles and improve the​ body,​ it​ needs to​ recuperate to​ attain normal cell development. Intense physical activities may reduce the​ level of​ hormones in​ the​ bloodstream that affects sperm production. Medical experts believe that sperm levels return to​ nearly normal after about three days. They added that drinking coffee after a​ few hours of​ training may protect sperm quality because of​ the​ antioxidants that are found in​ caffeine.
Studies show that frequent sex between married couples lowers feelings of​ insecurity and increases the​ level of​ commitment. the​ whole process deepens their physical intimacy and strengthens their bond of​ love. Understanding sex between married partners may lead to​ improved and fruitful marriages. Openness,​ willingness to​ experiment,​ and mutual trust should be the​ cornerstones of​ a​ healthy,​ active sex life between married couples. After all,​ love is​ supposed to​ be fun and exciting!

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