How A Dog Obedience School Changed My Life

A few years back I took my dog to​ an​ obedience school because it​ was acting crazy most of​ the​ time. After attending a​ couple of​ classes I realized that it​ was not my dog who was acting crazy,​ it​ was me.

When you​ join a​ dog obedience school you​ learn how to​ train your dog to​ behave appropriately. in​ the​ first stages of​ training puppies,​ it​ is​ very common that their owners take them to​ a​ dog obedience school.

The training is​ usually done in​ small groups,​ where in​ addition to​ train the​ dog itself,​ it​ also teaches the​ dog’s owner how to​ train,​ scold and praise the​ dog.

Actually,​ a​ professional dog trainer does not really train the​ dog; he is​ training the​ dog’s owner how to​ do the​ training. you​ can,​ though,​ send you​ dog away to​ a​ dog training school alone. But you​ as​ the​ owner must still learn skills to​ reinforce what the​ dog has learnt on​ the​ dog school. if​ you​ attend a​ class together with your dog,​ you​ and your dog have a​ much better chance of​ learning more about each other as​ a​ team under professional guidance.

Every person who has to​ handle the​ dog should take part in​ the​ training to​ ensure consistent methods and commands. or​ else the​ dog can get very confused.

I felt like quitting a​ lot of​ times because it​ was harder to​ change my own behavior than changing my dog’s behavior. I had to​ learn how to​ praise my dog more than scolding it. I was amazed.

The strange thing is​ that,​ because I started to​ look at​ myself in​ a​ new perspective,​ it​ suddenly came very clear to​ me that; it​ was not just my relationship to​ my dog that needed to​ change. it​ was my attitude towards other people as​ well. a​ huge eye-opener,​ that was hard to​ swallow. And when I look back I can truly say that attending that dog obedience school really changed my life. I would not be the​ person I am today. And that counts both towards dogs as​ well as​ people.

If you​ are in​ doubt about whether you​ should attend a​ class with your dog or​ not – don’t be.

Thank you​ for your time.

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