How Do You Master Web Design

How Do You Master Web Design

1. Do not center everything. Doing so will just give your web design a​ scattered and​ disorganized look. When it​ comes to​ layout, centering tends to​ waste so much space. Try to​ maximize space. it​ is​ there for​ a​ purpose. Do not overlook that purpose.

In a​ nutshell, use space with cautiousness so as​ not to​ appear scattered at​ the​ same time not crowded. Use columns for​ better organization. That way, the​ contents are easy to​ read and​ the​ images will not appear as​ an​ eyesore.

2. to​ make your page more attractive, apply an​ efficient contrast. Contrast can be applied to​ color, size, value and​ weight of​ an​ image. Contrast has something to​ do with the​ clearness, brightness and​ volume of​ an​ image, logo or​ graphics. it​ can also be applied to​ texts and​ other objects of​ the​ web design. if​ you get it​ right, your web design will look organized and​ easy to​ scan. Be assured that the​ viewers will not find it​ hard to​ glance and​ search your site’s contents.

3. Be sure that sections are well separated. it​ must be easy to​ trace and​ the​ contents are easy to​ read. to​ distinguish one section from the​ other, you can use different colors or​ a​ thin line will do. Using borders is​ also a​ good remedy. Another option is​ to​ use blank ‘buffer zones’. This is​ somewhat similar to​ the​ concept of​ borders and​ dividing lines the​ only difference is​ that you are creating invisible lines to​ separate the​ parts of​ a​ page.

4. if​ web design is​ the​ queen, the​ king must be the​ content. Thus, to​ make your site functional, make sure that the​ information is​ tight and​ full. So not waste the​ space. Put something in​ it​ to​ make it​ productive.

Bear in​ mind that your site is​ not mainly to​ entertain their eyes. it​ is​ there to​ cater to​ their needs, answer their queries and​ tickle their fancies.

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