How Can You Stop Spam Emails

How Can You Stop Spam Emails?
Are you having problems with Spam emails, like thousands of​ us we receive a​ few spam emails everyday in​ our email account .​
But if​ you don’t have any spam email protection you are more likely to​ receive hundreds of​ spam emails every week, so what can you do about this?
The first thing to​ do is​ to​ get anti-spam software installed on your computer this does help alot and can prevent you from receiving the hundreds of​ spam emails you don’t want .​
Most email accounts now have anti-spam software included but there are some when this is​ not an​ option, you just have to​ press the Junk button when you receive junk emails this does reduce them but no where as​ much as​ other email account operators .​
An account like AOL has anti-spam software on your email account so when and if​ you do receive spam emails they go directly into the Spam box .​
This is​ a​ good thing but you do have to​ check if​ frequently as​ some emails that aren’t spam do make there way into the spam box, the easy thing to​ do it​ click on the email and click on the button Not Spam, this tells AOL that it​ isn’t spam and from then onwards that email address will turn up in​ your email inbox not your spam box .​
This is​ called email filtering and accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo and Google all use this kind of​ software to​ help their users get the most out of​ their email account.
Microsoft Outlook 2018 and 2018 have an​ automatic spam protection which catches spam and places into a​ junk email box, this sometimes can catch regular emails too but it​ defiantly helps you would just need to​ check the spam box.
Other ways to​ help you stop unwanted spam getting into your email account inbox is​ to​ choose a​ long email address which is​ a​ combination of​ letters and numbers with punctuation marks .​
Don’t click on links on spam emails as​ this will allow more spam to​ affect you, as​ well as​ don’t open spam attachments, don’t reply to​ spam emails, only give your main email address to​ your friends and family and don’t post it​ on your own website or​ on internet directories, don’t buy products, services or​ donate to​ charity via spam emails if​ more people take this action the less spammers will send, if​ you use a​ spam filter report spam that gets to​ your inbox so the filter can block it​ as​ spam next time one is​ sent and finally if​ you do have junk spam folders check them regularly as​ some regular email may get through.
If you take the precautions shown above you have a​ very good chance of​ reducing the spam reaching your regular inbox, the more people who do this and everyone doesn’t respond to​ the spam emails, links and attachments the more likely spammers are to​ stop sending these spam emails .​
We all need to​ fight spam today!!!

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