Housebreaking An Older Dog

Housebreaking An Older Dog

Housebreaking an​ older dog is​ not an​ impossible task. Although it​ is​ generally easier to​ housebreak a​ puppy,​ any dog can be housebroken given the​ proper techniques. First,​ before you​ begin,​ you​ must know how a​ dog thinks. I would say that a​ dog thinks 80% of​ the​ time with its nose,​ and the​ rest of​ the​ time with its other senses. if​ you​ look at​ animals in​ the​ wild,​ you'll notice that most mammals like Wolves,​ Lions,​ Tigers,​ and Wild Dogs scent mark their territories. This is​ not only a​ sign of​ demarcation,​ but a​ place where these animals return to​ mark over and over again,​ in​ order warn other animals or​ their rivals that this is​ their territory.

It is​ precisely this habit that the​ distant cousins of​ wolves,​ our dogs,​ exercise on​ a​ daily basis. That is,​ dogs know and remember where to​ go "potty" by mainly using their sense of​ smell. Dogs a​ creatures of​ habit; therefore,​ they generally like to​ go "potty" after a​ meal,​ after they wake-up from a​ nap,​ and after they exercise. Your job is​ to​ recognize when your dog needs to​ "go" and guide it​ to​ the​ pre-designated area before it​ does its business. Thus,​ you​ must monitor your dog for at​ least 2 weeks until the​ desired outcome is​ programmed into your dog's psyche.

So,​ what are you​ to​ do if​ your dog makes a​ mistake and "goes" in​ the​ middle of​ your living room? the​ answer depends on​ whether you​ catch your dog in​ the​ middle of​ the​ act or​ not. if​ you​ catch it​ in​ the​ middle of​ the​ act,​ you​ can say something like "no,​" and quickly lead your dog to​ the​ desired location before it​ finishes doing its business. If,​ however,​ you​ find the​ mess after the​ fact,​ you​ must NEVER punish your dog. Your dog simply won't understand what it​ is​ being punished for and it​ will soon learn to​ fear you​ instead of​ look at​ you​ as​ its leader.

The question then is​ "what should one do if​ one finds the​ mess after the​ fact?" My advice is​ as​ follows: take a​ newspaper or​ towel and rub it​ onto the​ mess; then,​ take it​ back to​ the​ location where you​ desire your dog to​ "potty,​" and smear that area. This will teach your dog to​ use its natural instincts (to scent mark) to​ go "potty" exactly where you​ want it​ to. But you​ still are not done yet! Now you​ must erase your dog's memory of​ the​ location in​ your house where it​ had gone "potty" by properly cleaning the​ spot with the​ right cleaning agent. Cleaning with ordinary household cleaners is​ a​ bad idea. Most household cleaners contain Ammonia; the​ very ingredient in​ Urine which arouses a​ dog's instinct to​ scent mark. So,​ instead of​ using ordinary household cleaners,​ use a​ product like "Nature's Miracle,​" which is​ specifically designed to​ remove the​ smell of​ urine and feces and erase you​ dog's memory of​ the​ previous location where it​ had done its business.

The key to​ housebreaking an​ older dog is​ patience. Be patient,​ and you​ dog will learn to​ do what you​ ask of​ it​ in​ no time.

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