House Training Dogs Successfully

House Training Dogs Successfully

You could House train your dog easily if​ you​ had the​ time to​ watch your puppy 24 hours a​ day. But as​ you​ can’t watch them around the​ clock,​ don’t expect to​ train them all at​ once. Training can take up to​ about 6 months. Puppies are growing and developing quickly at​ this stage. They eat more food and burn up lots of​ energy and consequently need to​ ‘go’ more often.

The most important issue in​ house training dogs should be teaching him to​ control his bowel. When he is​ still a​ puppy,​ he has not yet developed bladder control.

House training dogs is​ hard when you​ are not home. Your puppy needs a​ lot of​ attention. you​ should first confine your puppy in​ a​ puppy-proof room with paper spread all over the​ floor. Put his water bowls and food right next to​ it. the​ papers you​ have set on​ the​ floor may be dragged and chewed around his little den,​ but its important and helpful in​ teaching your puppy where to​ eliminate his waste properly. There will be no reason for him to​ defecate elsewhere. Your puppy will ‘go’ on​ the​ paper,​ and you​ need to​ clean it​ up when you​ arrive home. This may be an​ additional job for you,​ but patience is​ all it​ takes. Don’t worry because later on,​ he will move past this stage.

Paper training is​ very useful and a​ proven technique in​ training dogs. in​ this way,​ no matter where the​ dog relieves himself,​ he will still eliminate on​ the​ paper because he has no choice. Little by little,​ you​ will see some changes. Gradually reduce the​ amount paper you​ have set on​ the​ ground. Start to​ move the​ paper outside the​ house. of​ course,​ as​ your puppy has become used to​ using the​ paper he will look for it. Once the​ paper has been moved to​ outside the​ house,​ your training is​ near its end. Move the​ paper about an​ inch per day.

Occasionally,​ you​ may discover that he has had ‘accidents’ inside the​ house again. Don’t be discouraged. This happens. What you​ need to​ do is​ repeat the​ training. But understand that it​ will not be as​ hard as​ the​ first time. House training your dog is​ key for both your dog and your sanity and sanitation.

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