House Training A Dog The Simple Way

House Training A Dog The Simple Way

The puppy is​ new and oh so cute. you​ cuddle with it​ every day and love to​ chase it​ around the​ yard or​ play tug of​ war with the​ stuffed animal that,​ in​ a​ year will probably be missing most of​ its limbs. However,​ all is​ not fun and games in​ the​ house with the​ new puppy. Now comes the​ hard part,​ house training the​ dog.

As the​ new puppy does one of​ two things to​ relieve him/herself in​ the​ middle of​ your new white carpet you​ find yourself wondering why it​ is​ so difficult for the​ dog to​ understand that you​ do not go in​ the​ house. you​ think to​ yourself why would anyone,​ animals included,​ go to​ the​ bathroom where they live? Would they not want it​ as​ far away as​ possible? you​ think your puppy must just be thickheaded,​ anyone with a​ dog has looked at​ their animal at​ this stage and said “you stupid dog”. However,​ then you​ remember that for a​ couple years after you​ were born you​ not only went to​ the​ bathroom where you​ live but actually in​ your pants and you​ feel slightly bad for being so frustrated with your dog’s seeming lack of​ intelligence.

House training a​ dog is​ without a​ doubt a​ frustrating process. you​ wish you​ could just throw them outside and they would figure it​ out themselves. Unfortunately it​ is​ not this easy; it​ requires a​ bit more patience and perseverance. So you​ do a​ couple things as​ you​ look at​ the​ seemingly hopeless situation that has the​ potential to​ turn very expensive if​ you​ are again forced to​ replace your carpet. First of​ all you​ remember that you​ knew house training a​ dog was not easy or​ fun,​ second you​ remember that you​ are the​ idiot that bought new carpet two months before you​ decided to​ get a​ dog. Now you​ suck it​ up and you​ go to​ the​ book store to​ get the​ newest book on​ house training a​ dog and hope that it​ has some enlightening information that will save you​ both time and money-discounting the​ $30 you​ just spent on​ the​ book of​ course.

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