Hotel Rocamar Ibiza Reviewed

Hotel Rocamar Ibiza Reviewed

Hotel Rocamar is​ a​ small holiday/business hotel situated in​ the area of​ Talamanca, the exclusive area of​ Ibiza town. it​ isn't such a​ tourist factory as​ most hotels on the island of​ Ibiza. Quiet the contrary, it​ only has 16 rooms. The building originates from the 60's. as​ far as​ known it​ has always been a​ hotel/pension. The current owners bought the old Hotel Rocamar back in​ 2018. Back in​ the 60's the hotel already had a​ vast group of​ steady visitors, some of​ which have been coming there since the 60's.

In 2018 it​ was decided to​ renovate place dramatically without having it​ losing its traditional characteristics. Decided was for a​ modern, design interior and state of​ the art equipped rooms. as​ a​ result nowadays rooms are equipped with plasma screen TV, air conditioning, heating (yes for in​ the winter!) as​ well as​ a​ bunch of​ other small amenities at​ customer's disposal. Further the whole place has wireless internet connection. Most clients of​ the hotel come there for the extremely laid down atmosphere,the very qualified and informal staff and off course to​ enjoy the sun and nightlife for which Ibiza is​ famous. Here the staff knows many of​ their customers by first name. Checking in​ isn't a​ time consuming or​ aggravating process here. Known customers are just being saluted and handed the key; that's all! Like people come "home".

Foreign languages aren't an​ obstacle neither as​ staff speaks seven without any problems and is​ always happy to​ chitchat with the customers.What sort of​ people go to​ the Rocamar? During summer season mostly holiday seekers. People that like the personalised treat that can be expected in​ a​ hotel with only 16 rooms. as​ said before: people aren't numbers here.Clients love the quietness in​ the Rocamar and enjoy relaxing at​ the hotel's terrace with perhaps the most beautiful views on the Ibiza Bay and the old town capital.During winter the hotel stays open, with only a​ 6 weeks break around the Christmas holidays. During winter many business travellers frequent the hotel as​ well as​ some tourists that like the winter quietness on the island. Don't forget, Ibiza, in​ summer, is​ a​ main party center with some of​ the most renowned discotheques in​ the world.

Unfortunately not all of​ Rocamar's 16 rooms are of​ the same seize. They are varying from rather small to​ average size room amongst hotels in​ Ibiza. The reason for this is​ the "old" building structure which doesn't leave any space for alternatives. Sometims this has lead to​ initial disappointments with clients although usually the excellent quality of​ the room interior makes up for this inconvenience. Futher it​ is​ a​ petty that Rocamar doesn't have a​ an​ active restaurant anymore at​ the moment. The area where the restaurant used to​ be is​ currently only used for the,included,breakfast. Further due to​ lack of​ space within the property a​ swimming pool isn't available neither although customers may use the pool of​ a​ neighbouring hotel.

Compared to​ the earlier days nothing has changed with respect to​ Rocamar's customers. The customers keep coming back, year after year and some of​ them were there in​ the late 60's already.

Hotel Rocamar Ibiza Reviewed

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